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6 Year Birthday Logo for Search Engine RoundtableToday is the official six-year anniversary of the Search Engine Roundtable. To date, we have written over 10,700 (10,740 to be exact) articles here, and over 1,841 in the past year. But it is not about the quantity of posts, I feel we have always produced unique and useful content, day in and day out here for the past six years. If we couldn't provide unique and helpful content, I doubt I would be keeping this up. And like I always say, the content comes from the community (i.e. the forums), which has always determined what we write about and what I feel is important to highlight to a wider audience.

This article, being my 7,958th article since starting this site (1,754 over past year) will highlight some of what I feel are the most important changes over the course of the year in our industry. If you want to see the same type of post for the 2008 year, see my five year anniversary write up from last year.

I would like to thank all our contributing authors, the volunteer live conference bloggers, our sponsors, the search engines, and of course - you guys - the community. Finally, I would like to thank my wife for putting up with my addiction to search, especially after having our first child.

A quick reminder, if you have not yet subscribed to us via RSS or email, please consider doing so. Also, please consider subscribing to our weekly video recaps and on Twitter at both @seroundtable and @rustybrick.

Enough of that, let's get into the meat of the past year:Carol Bartz - YahooOn the business front, it has been a pretty wild year. The Yahoo struggles continued over from 2008 to 2009 with Carol Bartz taking over for Yang and Decker. After Bartz killed Yahoo search, she had to be taught that Yahoo was a search company. Yahoo killed many properties this year, including the legendary Geocities. Google also started off the year cutting jobs, but they proved that Google was not all that impacted by this great recession. Jim Safka left for personal reasons just a year after replacing Jim Lanzone. Soon later, Ask Japan shut down and Barry Diller began wanting to sell off We end this year with News Corp & Microsoft playing hardball with Google over buying their content. Oh, and let's not forget all the Twitter partnerships this year - a great year for Twitter.

Google Ad for Michelle Obama ImageSometimes search business news and covering minor algorithmic updates bores me a bit. I have been doing this for a long time, so to spice things up, I try to bring in some funny, controversial and inappropriate search related topics into the mix. Possibly the largest controversial story we broke (but didn't get credit for breaking) was a few stories on Michelle Obama. Basically, someone managed to rank a racist image for Michelle Obama in the top image search result. Google then removed the result, which drove some controversy over the unbiased nature of the algorithm. In short, the image returned with an ad from Google explaining why, which is where the story broke into the news. Anyway, the image is now gone again and things have died down on that topic. Michelle Obama's husband also had Google racism to deal with, with a racist iGoogle theme. Then came the Google bomb for Obama with who is the failure query. We also questioned Google's political bias over the course of the elections.

Michael Jackson was big news, when he died suddenly. His fans were upset that he ranked for a query on the "ugliest person in the world." Speaking of Hollywood types of stars, we also discussed how Perez Hilton ranked in Bing, he personally wasn't happy about it. And some popular Indian actress named Rambha, had porn videos of her in Google search results.

Speaking of porn, we had lots of upsetting adult content creep into Google this year. Some of it included a Holocaust video targeted by pornographers in Google. Google's iGoogle gadgets has tons of porn on them as well. The most comical was that parent caught their son Googling for porn and a mother found out her daughter was a porn star using Google history.

Google penalized themselves for buying PageRank, yes - they did. ShoeMoney sued a Google employee and kind of won. Someone else sued Google and first won and then lost. Google was blamed for the web's malware. Google was embarrassed into fixing a Google Groups search bug. There were rumors that a former Googler was spamming. Fake news made its way into Google, including a four letter word.

Other Misc Controversial Topics:

  • Google Removes Green Party Web Site From Index Due To Hack
  • Bing Hijacks IE6 Toolbar Search, Google Users Upset
  • Crosses The Line: Frames Search Results
  • Woman Loses Unemployment Checks Due To $1 Per Day Google AdSense Income
  • Google, Heads Up, Ireland Is Not New Zealand
  • Google AdWords Advertisers Threatens Suicide To Get Google's Attention, It Worked
  • SEO Company Caught By Client Using Google Support Forums
  • Get Out Of Google Jail For $50, Web Site Captures Mug Shots
  • You know what, this will take me days to write everything. I have grouped all the stories I wrote over the year in sections and linked to them below. I hope this is helpful on some level, if not, just skip it - hopefully you read them in the past.


  • Scam: Google Money System or Google Kit
  • Google Scams So Serious, Google Blog Writes About Them
  • Google Money Scams Take To Phone?
  • Funny SEM Thread: Google's Fault I Got Scammed
  • Beware: Google AdSense "Account Disabled" Phishing Scam
  • Fake Yahoo Employees Trying to Pick Up SEM Clients in Forums?
  • SEO:

  • Google Caffeine Index Goes Live Right Before Holiday Shopping Season
  • Google's Caffeine Update Running Off Google's New File System (GFS)
  • Page Load Time & Speed Will Likely Be a Ranking Factor in Google
  • Matt Cutts Talks About NoFollow PageRank Sculpting
  • NoFollow To Cause Revolt: Wasted PageRank via Sculpting & JavaScript Links Require NoFollow
  • What's Going On With Google UK's Search Results?
  • More Reports of Bing Correctly Handling 301 Redirects
  • Google Now Treats 410 Status Code As "More Permanent" Than 404 Status Code
  • Linking To Affiliates? Better Nofollow Those Links or Google Will Penalize You
  • Yahoo's Senior Director of Search Got It Wrong, Yahoo Uses Meta Keywords Still
  • Google Also Ignores Geo-Meta Tags, But Bing Lives By Them
  • Google Says Pages That Validate Do Not Get Ranking Boost
  • Longer Domain Registration Does Not Increase Google Search Engine Rankings
  • Google On Expired Domains & Domain Name Transfers
  • Google Blog Search Updates Link Query Algorithm
  • Google Blog Search To Test New Link Command Features Next Week
  • How To Verify My Google Profile
  • Search Updates:

  • Microsoft Bing November 2009 Search Update?
  • November 2009 Google Webmaster Report
  • Yet Another Bing October 2009 Update?
  • Maybe a Minor Google Search Update (October 2009)?
  • Bing October 2009 Search Index Update
  • October 2009 Google Webmaster Report
  • Google September 2009 Image Search Update Turns Out Bad?
  • September 2009 Google Webmaster Report
  • Yahoo Search September 2009 Update Official
  • Yahoo Search August 2009 Update
  • Possible Google Update - August 2009
  • Bing Search August 2009 Update
  • August 2009 Google Webmaster Report
  • Bing July 2009 Update
  • Small Google July 2009 Update?
  • July 2009 Google Webmaster Report
  • Google UK Search Shake Up - June 2009
  • June 2009 Google Webmaster Report
  • Yahoo Search June 2009 Update?
  • Small Google May 2009 Update?
  • May 2009 Google Webmaster Report
  • April 2009 Google Webmaster Report
  • Yahoo Search Update: March 2009
  • Google Releases Major Blog Search Blogroll Algorithm Update
  • Google Confirms Algorithm "Change" But Down Plays Brand Push
  • Google Search March 2009 Webmaster Report Update
  • Yahoo Search Update: February 2009
  • February '09 Google Image Search Update?
  • Google Search February 2009 Webmaster Report Update
  • Google Images January 2009 Update
  • Yahoo Search & January 2009 Search Updates?
  • Major Google Search Results Changes, January 2009
  • Live Search December 2008 Holiday Update?
  • Google PageRank Updates:

  • Google October 2009 Toolbar PageRank Update
  • June 2009 Google PageRank Update: Kind Of Early
  • Google May 2009 Toolbar PageRank Update
  • April Fools Google PageRank Update
  • Google March 2009 PageRank Update or Glitch?
  • Google Toolbar PageRank Drops Over January '09 Weekend
  • Google Confirms PageRank Update (New Years 2009)
  • Google UI & Features:

  • Google Jazz User Interface Out In The Wild
  • Google Asks For Feedback On 'Fade In' Home Page
  • Google Pushes Fading Home Page Test To More, Adds Instructions
  • Google's Home Page Instructs: "This Space Intentionally Left Blank"
  • Google Makes Search Bigger With Larger Search Box
  • Google Wonder Wheel & Search Options Go Live
  • Poll: Do You Like Google's 2009 Fav (Browser) Icon?
  • Google Pushing AdWords Search Ads Closer To Free Listings
  • Will You Use Google's New "Rich Snippets" Markups?
  • Google Fesses Up To AJAX Search Results Test
  • Google Tests Pagelinks, Reviews in SERPs, and Enhances Spelling Correction
  • Google Squared Is Live: What SEOs & Searchers Need To Know
  • Google Launches New Search Suggestions & Drops Counts
  • Google Social Search Now Live
  • Google URL Search Results Snippets Showing Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Google Testing Related Searches Tab on Top Navigation Bar?
  • Google Finally Tries Page Previews
  • Google Now Indenting Two Results In Search Results
  • Google's "Show More Results" Plus Box
  • Google Names My "Deep Sitelinks" as "Forum Sitelinks"
  • Google Tries Same Page Anchor Sitelinks
  • Google Sometimes Truncating URLs to One Line
  • See Google "Classic" Sitelinks In Action (One Line Sitelinks)
  • SEOs Discuss Impact of Google's "Preferred Sites" Search Preference
  • Google Removes File Size From Search Results Page
  • Searchers Want "Pages From [Country]," Google Might Drop It
  • Images Under Google Search Snippets
  • Google Replaces Comments Bubble with "Review This Site" Link
  • Google Adds More Search Options & Cleans Up Verticals
  • Google's Sitelinks Within Search Result Snippets
  • Google's New Settings Drop Down
  • Google Showing Longer Descriptions For Longer Queries
  • Google Sidewiki - Comment About Any Site on That Site
  • I See Music on Google Search Now, Finally
  • Google News Get Update & Blog Search Gets Improved
  • Google Aggressively Testing Favicons In AdWords Ads
  • Google Testing Site Fav Icons in Search Results?
  • Google Finally Creates a Dashboard to Manage Your Google Life
  • Google Let's You "Lock" Safe Search, Well Kind Of
  • Why Don't I See 'Find Similar Images' in Google Yet?
  • Tasty: Google Image Swirl
  • Many, Many Google Users Get "We're Sorry" Page
  • Yahoo UI & Features:

  • Yahoo Launches New Search Interface & Brand Campaign
  • Yahoo Tries Something Old, Launches New Home Page
  • Yahoo Search Ads Also Testing Favicons
  • Yahoo Adds Tweets In New Developing News Box
  • Yahoo Launching SearchPad Today
  • Bing UI & Features:

  • Microsoft Takes New Search Engine, Bing, Live Early
  • MSN Home Page Gets a Major Face Lift
  • Bing Adds My Favorite Fact Engine, Wolfram|Alpha
  • Google Removes PageRank Data From Webmaster Tools
  • 3 Days Later, Bing Finally Fixes Webmaster Tools Bug
  • Bing Adds Visual Search & More Links On Home Page
  • Video Demo of Bing's New Visual Search
  • Bing Adds Tweets Answers But How Real Time Is It?
  • Bing adCenter To Try Favicons in Search Ads
  • Google Webmaster:

  • Google Caffeine Index Goes Live Right Before Holiday Shopping Season
  • Google Releases First Public Search Update Preview: "Caffeine" Update
  • Google Updates Keyword Tool in Webmaster Tools: Updates Daily & Shows More Detail
  • Google Finally Adds Domain Change Tool & Launches New Webmaster Tools Design
  • Google Webmaster Tools Tests New Design
  • Google Webmaster Tools Showing Sub-Sitelinks
  • Google Labs For Webmaster Tools Launches: Fetch as Googlebot & Malware Details
  • Webmasters Skeptical But Loving New Canonical Search Engine Tag
  • Google Soon To Allow Cross Domain Canonical Tag: This Is Big
  • Google Updates Webmaster Tools Verification Process: Google Sites Verification Breaks
  • Google Adds Parameter Handling To Webmaster Tools, Plays Catchup to Yahoo Site Explorer
  • Publishers: Google News To Require A New Sitemaps File
  • Google News Now Recrawling & Reindexing Stories For Updates
  • Google Adds Rich Snippet Testing Tool
  • Google Webmaster Tools Now Reporting SSL Certificate Errors
  • Block Google Sidewiki Users From Commenting On Your Site
  • Google Wants To Index AJAX #!
  • StreamRotator Blamed For Google Penalizing Porn Industry?
  • Google Reverses Adult/Porn Site Penalties
  • Google Search Spanks The Adult Porn Industry?
  • Google Webmaster Tools Link Reports Change
  • Google Webmaster Tools Adds Some Features
  • Google Now Notifying Webmasters After Reconsideration Request Review via Email
  • Google Starts Emailing Webmasters Regarding Web Site Issues Again
  • Google Webmaster Tools Link Report Bugs Still An Issue
  • Google Bomb Defusing Has Two Algorithms
  • Bing Webmaster:

  • Microsoft Bing Still Spamming Fake Referrers In Webmaster Log Files
  • Bing's Fake Referrer Spam Back, Now Hiding Referrer Now?
  • Did Microsoft Finally Fix The Fake Referrer Spam Issue?
  • Bing Classifies Cloaking Detection as "Single Word Query" Issue
  • More Cloaking Tests In Form Of Fake Referrers From Microsoft Bing?
  • Microsoft To Fix Fake Referrer Data From Live Search
  • What is "Page Score" in Bing Webmaster Tools?
  • Bing's MSNBot Crawl Happy?
  • MSNBot Crawl Delay Doesn't Delay
  • Bing Not Honoring Robots.txt Directives?
  • Is Bing Ignoring The NoArchive Tag?
  • Is Bing Not Honoring NOODP Tag?
  • Bing's Geo Targeting Algorithm Needs Some Work
  • Bing May Allow Management of Quick Preview Box
  • Bing's Traffic Spike From Fake Spam Tests?
  • Yahoo Webmaster:

  • Yahoo Search Powered By Microsoft Bing: What SEMs Need To Know
  • Yahoo Site Explorer Adds Key Terms, Delicious Activities, Delicious Tags & SearchMonkey Objects
  • Yahoo Site Explorer Adds Top Queries Report
  • SEO Community Worried About Yahoo's Tools
  • Yahoo Search Review Form Same As Trash Bin?
  • Google AdWords:

  • Get Ready, Here Come More Google AdWords Account Bans
  • Google Responds To Mass Google AdWords Advertiser Banning & Warnings
  • Google Begins Banning Google AdWords Scams
  • Google AdWords Banning Advertisers For Multiple "Poor Quality Landing Pages"
  • Banned Google AdWords Accounts Will Likely Never Be Unsuspended
  • More Google Advertisers Being Forced into New Interface, Including Me
  • Google Pushing AdWords Search Ads Closer To Free Listings
  • Google Confirms Higher Click Through Rate As Result of Ads Position To Free Listings
  • Google Now Enforcing 35 Character Display URL Policy
  • Google AdWords Ad Sitelinks, Now Official
  • Google Comparison Ads For Mortgages & Refinancing
  • A Look at Google AdWords Newish Ads
  • Google AdWords New Beta Keyword Tool
  • Google's New Keyword Tool Unveils Mobile Search Volume
  • Google AdWords Testings New Bulk Keyword Diagnose Tools
  • Google AdWords Bid Simulator Live For More Advertisers
  • Detailed Screen Captures of Google's New Ad Planner Publisher Center
  • Ads to be Integrated into Google Search Suggestions
  • Google Testing SearchWiki On AdWords
  • Google AdWords Testing "Timeframe" Budget Option
  • Google AdWords Tests Open Image Product Ads
  • Google AdWords Tests New Form of Product Ads
  • Google Testing One Line Product Links in AdWords
  • Google AdWords Accounts Hit With "Low Share of Voice" Notice
  • Google's Behavioral Ad Beta Scares Publishers Over Contextual Relevancy
  • Google Drops Audio/Radio Ads, Some Advertisers Care
  • Google Confirms New Display URL Policy: One Domain Per Ad Group
  • Google AdWords API v2009 Gets Asynchronous Calls & Version 13 Sunsets April 22, 2010
  • Google AdSense:

  • More Screen Shots of Google's New Beta AdSense Interface
  • Google AdSense Ads Get Special "Featured Ads" With Stars
  • AdSense Rejections Over "Difficult Site Navigation"
  • DoubleClick Now Integrated With Google AdWords, Impacts AdSense
  • Google AdSense Welcomes Third-Party Ad Networks
  • Google AdSense Expands Category Filtering & Adds Features
  • Google Confirms AdSense Arrows Changes
  • Google AdSense Fixes a "Hardcore" But "Minor" Bug
  • Google AdSense Login Issue Two Different Issues?
  • Google AdSense Locks Down Publisher Accounts For Manual Review
  • Google AdSense Publishers Happy With Competitive Ad Filter Changes
  • Google AdSense Gives US Font Size Control
  • Google Adds Images To Link Units Pages
  • Google Testing Larger Fonts On AdSense Units
  • Google Finally Gives AdSense Publishers Font Selection
  • Google Opens AdSense For Domains Internationally
  • Google Announces AdSense for iPhone & Android Apps
  • Google Delays Payments To Publishers Yet Another Month
  • Google Sent AdSense Publisher Wrong Check
  • Yahoo Search Marketing:

  • Yahoo Search Marketing Changes Pricing Algorithm & Adds Partner Reporting
  • Yahoo's New Local Targeting Feature Showing Poor Quality Traffic?
  • Yahoo Adds Day Parting, Bid Adjustments, Enhanced Geo Targeting But No One Cares
  • Yahoo Search Marketing Lowering Minimum Bids For Many
  • Advertisers Are Excited For Yahoo's New Online Ad Tools
  • Yahoo Officially Launches Video & Image Search Ads
  • Yahoo Now Calling Us Liars Regarding Their Auto-Optimization of Campaigns
  • Yahoo Has The Nerve To Change Advertisers Campaigns After Outcry
  • Yahoo Updates Search Advertisers Terms & Conditions
  • Bing adCenter Ads:

  • Microsoft Admits To Clicking On Their Own Search Ads
  • MSNBot Clicking on Bing adCenter Search Ads?
  • Bing's Quality Based Ranking Team for adCenter
  • Microsoft To Open adCenter Content Ads As Public Beta
  • Local Search:

  • Google Maps Updates Business Listing Quality Guidelines
  • Google Maps Drops Tele Atlas For Google Data in US
  • Place Pages: Google Gives Everyone A Page On Google Maps
  • Detailed Look At Google's New Local Business Center Analytics
  • Google Maps Merging Competing Business's Local Information
  • Google Maps Pornography : Google Can't Keep Up
  • London Escort Service Using Seductive Images in Google Maps Business Listings
  • Adult Spam Makes Its Way Into Google Maps
  • Google Maps Showing Adult Images From Panoramio
  • Google Showing Only 7 of 10 Local Results Now
  • Google Bug Removes Web Designers in Local Pack
  • Google Maps to Fix One Web Box Result Bug
  • Google Gets Generic on Local Web Search Queries
  • Google Maps Navigation Makes iPhone Users & Others Jealous of Droid
  • Google Maps New Bulk Upload Verification Process
  • Blue Google Map Pins in Google AdWords Results
  • Google Maps Helps Businesses Find Themselves
  • Google Adds "Is This Accurate" To Map Details on Web Search
  • "Place Closed" In Google Maps: Close Your Competitors Down on Google
  • Google to Sprinkle Ads All Over Google Maps?
  • Google Maps Helps Colorblind See Traffic
  • Other Search:

  • Wolfram Alpha : The Real Thing
  • Twitter Focuses In On Search With New Home Page
  • YouTube Testing 3D Videos (YT3D)
  • Facebook Launches Usernames But Stumps Sabbath Observers
  • Polls:

  • Survey: Most SEOs Won't Link To Competitors
  • Google Sandbox: Does/Did it Exist? Poll Results
  • 87% Won't Allow Google To Manage Their AdWords Accounts
  • SEO Show Offs: Poll Results
  • 75% of SEOs Feel Google Loves Keywords in the URL
  • Poll: Google AdWords Roll Over Info
  • Results Are In: Is SEOMoz's Ranking Factors Accurate? Mostly, Yes
  • 86% Of SEOs Say They Can Rank #1 In Both & Regional Googles
  • Poll: 38% Will Keep NoFollows On Their Links
  • 96% Say Clients Need To Be Involved In the SEO Process
  • 56% of Google AdSense Publishers Say Earnings Are Down in July 2009
  • 82% Say We Should Name Some Google Updates
  • Link Addiction: 46% Of SEOs are Active Link Builders
  • 60% Of Our Readers Feel Yahoo Cannot Turn Things Around
  • DMOZ (ODP): "Submit Once & Forget It" Says SEOs
  • 60% Of Our Readers Like The Bing Commercials
  • The Perfect AdSense Professional Title
  • Poll Results On How Google Views SEOs (Innocent or Guilty)
  • Most Our Readers Like Yahoo's New Home Page
  • 70% Of Our Readers Like Bing
  • 80% Of SEOs Said They Can Beat Wikipedia In Google
  • 76% of SEMs Don't Fully Trust Google's Keyword Tool
  • Most SEMs Prefer Google's New U.S. AdWords Trademark Policy
  • Most Webmasters Will Use Google's New Rich Snippet Markups
  • 56% of Google Advertisers Dislike New AdWords Interface
  • Most Google AdSense Publishers Have Not Updated Their Privacy Policies
  • 7% Unemployment In Search Marketing Industry
  • Most SEOs Use Interns For Link Building
  • 54% of SEOs Believe in Artificial Google PageRank
  • Most SEOs Believe Google Has Keyword Specific Penalty
  • 80% Say SEOs Need Some Coding Abilities
  • Tuesday Mornings: Best Time To Send Out Link Request Emails
  • Advertisers Want Google AdWords Time Zone Settings
  • Google Analytics Users Want Longer Data Storage For Free
  • SEOs Split On If Store Discounts Are Equal to Link Buying
  • Poll Result: How Long Does It Take To Rank Well?
  • 23% of Google AdSense Publishers Say 75% of Their Income Comes From Google
  • SEO's Split on Importance of Specialization in Industry Sectors
  • Poll: Search Engines Should Pass Value From URL Shortening Services
  • Most SEM Companies Are Weathering Recession Just Fine
  • 55% Of SEO Companies Won't Offer Pay For Performance Deals
  • Study: Fear Still Exists Over Google's Supplemental Index
  • Many SEOs Get Their Hands Dirty By Coding Web Sites
  • Most SEOs Work On Both Clients Projects & Solo Projects
  • 70% Of Google AdSense Publisher Report Lower Earnings in January '09
  • Survey Says: Google Sitemaps Gets Credit For Faster Indexing
  • AdSense Publisher Find Optimization Reports To Be a Waste of Time
  • Poll: Most SEOs Say PageRank Data in Google Webmaster Tools is Useless
  • Poll: I Want A Link In The Top Paragraph Please
  • Poll: SEOs Say Alt Attribute Does Improve Search Rankings
  • Industry:

  • Sphinn Comes Out of Beta
  • Danny Sullivan Looks Back at Starting Search Marketing Conferences
  • The Matt Cutts Hair Cut Video
  • Google's Logo Questioned On Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Show
  • Matt Cutts of Google Now Industry's "Hot Guy"?
  • Google Help Forums Get A Redesign
  • GoogleGuy Retire From WebmasterWorld Again?
  • Sphinn 2.0 Launches On Two Year Anniversary
  • You Don't Have To Sell Out To Blog In This Industry
  • April Fools Day & Search Industry
  • Search Engine Land Does Major Revamp: Becomes More News Formatted
  • Are SEO Blackhats Turning White or Is The Industry Melting?
  • Holiday & Event Logos:

  • Thanksgiving Greetings 2009 From Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask & Search Industry
  • Veteran's Day 2009 Logos from Google, Bing, Ask But Not Yahoo
  • Google's Sesame Street Logo Finale : 12 Doodles
  • Sesame Street Count(s) Day 6 Trumps Berlin Wall Logo
  • Halloween Logos from Search Engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo & Many More
  • Turkey Upset With Google Over Green Colored Republican Day Doodle?
  • Columbus Day Theme by Bing, Not Google, Yahoo, or AOL
  • Google The Bar Code Logo
  • Google's Happy Birthday Gandhi Logo
  • Google's Confucius Birthday Logo
  • Google Double LL Logo? Nope. Google's 11th Birthday Today
  • First Day of Autumn by Bing, Not Google, Yahoo or
  • Google's Flying Saucer Logos Lead to H.G. Wells
  • No 9/11 Logo From Google, But Bing & Remember
  • Google's 09/09/09 Logo (Doodle)
  • 2009 Labor Day Logos from Bing, Ask, DogPile But Not Google or Yahoo
  • Google's Michael Jackson Logo Sparks Debate
  • A Google Bomb Logo? Nope. Hans Christian Ørsted Birthday
  • Perseids Meteor Shower Coming: Google Got a Doodle For That
  • Moon Landing Logos From Bing, YouTube But Not Google
  • Google Commemorates Nikola Tesla's Birthday
  • July 4th Search Engine Logos (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL & Others)
  • Google Upsets The Southern Hemisphere Over First Day of Winter Logo
  • Father's Day '09 Logos From Google, Yahoo & Search Industry
  • Searchers Disappointed With Google Celebrating Tetris Over Honoring D-Day
  • Google Finally Commemorates Memorial Day, Like Yahoo, AOL, Live &
  • Happy Mother's Day Logos From Google & Search Industry (2009)
  • Google Logo Not Broken, It's Morse Code
  • '09 Earth Day Logos From Google, Yahoo, AOL & Others in Search Industry
  • Easter Logos From Search Engines But Not Google or Yahoo
  • Happy First Day of Spring :: Logos From Google & Others
  • 2009 St. Patrick's Day Search Logos
  • Happy Purim: No Logo From Google This Year
  • Happy Square Root Day : Google Not That Geeky?
  • Mardi Gras '09 Logos From Live, DogPile, AOL & Others
  • Google & Yahoo Stiff America On President's Day But Logos From,, & Others
  • 2009 Valentines Day Logos from Google, Yahoo, Live & Search Industry
  • Super Bowl 43 & Groundhog Day Logos from Search Engines
  • Chinese New Year At & Google's Malaysia Site
  • Search Logos for Inauguration Day, Did Google & Yahoo Forget?
  • Martin Luther King Day 2009: Logos from Google, Yahoo, Ask, Live, Dogpile & More
  • Happy '09 New Years From Search Industry: Logos from Google, Yahoo, AOL, Live, Ask & Others
  • Happy Holiday '08 From The Search Engine Industry
  • SEM Conference Coverage 2009:

  • PubCon 2009 Vegas Coverage Recap
  • SMX East 2009 Big Session Coverage Recap
  • Roundtable Covers 30 Sessions at SES San Jose 2009
  • Search Marketing Expo 2009 West
  • Previous story: Yahoo Search Unbanning Web Sites After Years?



    12/02/2009 02:15 pm

    And here's to many more years! :)

    Sam Daams

    12/02/2009 03:12 pm

    I still remember you posting on one of the forums from back in the day (SEOchat?!) that you were going to set this up. Does that make me old?!


    12/02/2009 03:29 pm

    Congrats Barry! Keep up the awesome work!


    12/02/2009 03:45 pm

    Great Work! Congratulations


    12/02/2009 04:53 pm

    Big congrats you !!!!!!


    12/02/2009 05:00 pm

    Keep up the amazing work, Barry! :)


    12/02/2009 05:37 pm

    Barry - this site has always provided such a remarkable service for webmasters and SEOs, it's tough to imagine doing our jobs without it. Thanks for all your contributions; I look forward to another 6 years of getting the "heads up" on everything taking place in the search world from SERoundtable.

    No Name

    12/02/2009 05:51 pm

    Congrats Barry, We're looking forward to more great content.

    Ben Pfeiffer

    12/02/2009 05:53 pm

    WOW, its been 6 years. 10,000 articles, jeez. This site has been a cornerstone for search news for many years and I imagine it will only get better. I am honored to be able to contribute to the site in a small way over the years. Congrats!


    12/02/2009 07:04 pm

    Such a long history! Congrats, Barry.


    12/02/2009 08:54 pm

    Barry you are a force of nature. Many congratulations for your 6th anniversary and I am sure I will be writing something similar in 10 years time.

    Tim Cohn

    12/02/2009 10:59 pm

    Congratulations Barry!

    No Name

    12/03/2009 09:57 am

    Barry, you make an excellent contribution to the SEO world, keep up the good work

    Chris Elwell

    12/03/2009 01:40 pm

    Danny's right on when he call's you the "hardest working person in search"! We all appreciate what you do here and over at Search Engine Land too! BTW, catch Barry live at SphinnCon Israel.


    12/03/2009 08:38 pm

    Thank you and congrats!


    12/04/2009 03:16 am

    Sorry I'm late to the party Barry, but I am just getting caught up on 48hrs of Google Reader... I just wanted to drop by and give hearty congrats. I've called you the 'Walter Cronkite of the Search World' and I gotta say, yer an made man. I do some weekly round ups and the like and know a fraction of the effort it must take you doing what your do. We're truly not worthy! Happy holidays and I look forward to another year of goodiness!

    Adam Audette

    12/04/2009 05:22 pm

    Congrats Barry, 6 years is a milestone and you've done a great job providing important info to those of us in the trenches of search marketing. Always look forward to reading seroundtable in my feed reader. Oh and PS this is an impressive post, I'm sure it took a bunch of time to put together.

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