Most SEM Companies Are Weathering Recession Just Fine

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sem recession poll resultsLate last week, I polled our readers, asking them how are you weathering the recession. As it turns out, most SEM and SEO companies are saying, they are doing just fine. In fact, most said they have seen a recent spike in sales leads with a recent spike in actual sales.

As I reported then, some companies have noticed a recent turn around in business after being hit by a slow down to the recession. That same day, the market fell to its 52 week low at 6,469.95. But yesterday it rose almost 400 points, so maybe a positive sign? Who knows, this whole economy and recession is confusing and depressing, to say the least.

That being said, many businesses said they saw a recent pick up in sales. Let me give you the break down of the 130 responses.

How Is Business Doing For You Now?: :: Increase In Leads said 41 respondents or 32% :: Increase in Sales said 26 respondents or 20% :: Decrease in Sales said 22 respondents or 17% :: No Change in Sales said 16 respondents or 12% :: No Change in Leads said 15 respondents or 12% :: Decrease in Leads said 10 respondents or 8%

I would like to point out a comment from Chris Elwell, President of Third Door Media:

It is pretty typical in downturns that spending starts slowly in a new year. Decisions are reviewed to death before spending decisions are made. But investing in growth can't be put off forever, and inevitably some initiatives are approved.

Forum discussion continued at HighRankings Forum.

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