Daily Search Forum Recap: January 19, 2021

Jan 19, 2021 • 4:00 pm | Comments (0) by twitter

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today...

Google Tests Movie Carousel Film Ratings Label

Jan 19, 2021 • 7:51 am | Comments (0) by twitter

We have seen movie results in Google for a long time, but now the movie carousel is testing showing the Motion Picture Association film rating system labels on those movie image covers. Here is a screen shot of this in action from Mordy Oberstein as posted on Twitter.

Google On Mobile-First Indexing For Separate Mobile URLs

Jan 19, 2021 • 7:41 am | Comments (0) by twitter

To be clear, none of this is exactly new, but John Mueller of Google took the time to explain how mobile-first indexing works with mobile-first indexing. Most sites have been switched over to mobile-first indexing but if you have not, then here is what you need to know specific to m-dot or separate mobile URLs.

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Joel Janovsky; One Of The First SEOs Fully Vaccinated
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Tin Trailer At GooglePlex
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Google G Logo Printer Machine Simulation
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Google NYC Iron Chef Competition
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Google Colorful Fabric Swing Bench
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Dealing With "This Is The Way Our Old SEO Did It"

Jan 19, 2021 • 7:31 am | Comments (3) by twitter

They say in business, one way to ensure your long-term failure, is to use the line "we've always done it this way." Maybe the same is true for SEO? Esben Rasmussen, an SEO, posted on Twitter "I am just in an uphill struggle with a global IT department of a big company "Our old SEO told us we could do it this way, so we are not changing this."

Google: There's No Timeframe For Out Of Stock Product Pages Soft 404ing

Jan 19, 2021 • 7:21 am | Comments (0) by twitter

Google's John Mueller said that there is no specific timeframe for when an out of stock product page on your e-commerce site will end up resulting in a soft 404 in Google Search. A soft 404 is when Google thinks a page should return a 404 server status code but technically is not.