Google: Indexing Issues Resolved, No More Status Updates

Oct 20, 2020 • 8:16 am | Comments (0) by twitter

Google said last night that the indexing issues are essentially fully resolved outside of some edge cases. Google said 99% of the indexing issues were resolved as of Wednesday, October 14, 2020. There are some edge cases that will be resolved within "a week or two," Google said.

Google: First Indexed Does Not Mean That Content Is Yours

Oct 20, 2020 • 7:54 am | Comments (0) by twitter

Some feel that you need to ensure your piece of content is published first on your site and then syndicated later on third-party sites to ensure Google knows the original source of that content is from your site. That is not always the case said Google's John Mueller.

Google Still Supports Data-Vocabulary Four Months After It Was Deprecated

Oct 20, 2020 • 7:31 am | Comments (0) by twitter

Back in January, Google told us it would sunset support for the data-vocabulary markup for rich results on April 6, 2020. Google then postponed that deadline to June due to the pandemic. But now it is well after June and technically, Google is still processing data-vocabulary markup.

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Google NYC Mural Work During COVID
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SEOs Waiting For The Next Google Core Update

Oct 20, 2020 • 7:21 am | Comments (0) by twitter

It has been five and a half months since the last Google broad core update. To give you context, generally this updates happen every few months or so. But it is now almost 3 months longer than the average span between Google core updates. SEOs are waiting for it and some want it sooner than others.

Myth: Google Needs 30-60 Days To Index New Backlinks

Oct 20, 2020 • 7:11 am | Comments (0) by twitter

Here is a new myth, that says Google requires 30-60 days for it to discover, index and then use new backlinks it finds for your web site. That is not true, Google can do all of that within minutes and hours.