Google: To Be In Top Stories You Just Need To Be Fast Enough, Not The Fastest

Apr 20, 2021 • 7:51 am | Comments (0) by twitter

With the change where the top stories carousel in Google Search no longer will need AMP, you do need to meet some guidelines to be included but you do not need to be faster than your competition to show up in the top stories carousel.

Ingenuity Google Search Easter Egg

Apr 20, 2021 • 7:41 am | Comments (0) by twitter

Search for [Ingenuity] in Google Search and you will get this super fun easter egg of the the robotic helicopter flying around Mars. The Ingenuity successfully completed the first known powered atmospheric flight, from vertical takeoff to landing, on any planet beyond Earth, on April 19, 2021

Google Gains New Page Experience Report In Search Console

Apr 20, 2021 • 7:31 am | Comments (0) by twitter

Google has added a new report in Google Search Console named the Page Experience Report. Google also added new filters in the Performance Reports where you can compare the performance of green/yellow/red performing pages to each other.

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Google: Website Design Changes Generally Lead To Content Changes

Apr 20, 2021 • 7:21 am | Comments (0) by twitter

Google's John Mueller was asked if changing the design of a site but leaving the content and URLs the same would possibly lead to ranking changes. John Mueller said yes, it likely will because he said "if you change design, you generally change the content."

Google Local Updates Adds New Indicator & Photo Updates From Visitors

Apr 20, 2021 • 7:11 am | Comments (0) by twitter

Google Local seems to be testing two new features for the "updates" tab for local businesses. The first is a red dot indicator to symbolize there is a new update posted for the local company. The second is the ability for visitors to post photo updates in the updates section.