Most SEOs Work On Both Clients Projects & Solo Projects

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SEO Type of Work PollThe other day we wrote about being your own SEO client isn't easy, but clearly that doesn't stop the bulk of you from working on your own solo projects. We ran a poll, asking which would you rather do? Either work with clients or do your own work? Most of you said, you prefer to do both and mix it up.

Here is the break down of the 126 responses:

:: Both Clients & My Projects said 56 respondents or 44.44% :: For My Projects said 48 respondents or 38.1% :: For Client Projects said 22 respondents or 17.46%

The results really do not surprise me at all. Doing both client work and self work give you the advantage of a stable income while experimenting on how you can make yourself rich overnight. ;-)

There are many quality comments in our previous article on the topic of being your own SEO client from first hand SEOs who have done it both.

Forum discussion continued at HighRankings Forum.

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