Google Analytics Users Want Longer Data Storage For Free


google-analytics-poll-retention.pngTechnically, Google has agreed to store your Google Analytics data for at least 25 months. We ran a poll the other week, asking you if that is long enough. Most of you said, no it is not.

Of the 190 plus responses, 156 of your, or 82% said, that 25 months of storage is not enough time. While 35 of you, or 18% said it is enough.

Truth be told, Google seems to store this data longer than 25 months. Even if that is not the case, Google Analytics is free. There are paid versions and in those paid version, you can control the data storage retention policies. Or you can use a totally different analytics program and pay for it as well.

Forum discussion continued at Google Analytics Help.

This article was written earlier this week and scheduled to go live April 10th.

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