Fake Yahoo Employees Trying to Pick Up SEM Clients in Forums?

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I spotted a weird thread at DigitalPoint Forums with a new member of the forum claiming to be a Yahoo employee. The person said, "My name is Matthew, I am a Yahoo! employee who works with advertisers on both the search and display side. I came across this forum and wanted to introduce myself."

What made me suspicious of this person were a few things:

  • He said his email is newyorkysmaccountmanager@yahoo.com, but if he really worked for Yahoo, he likely would not list his email in the forum.
  • Yahoo employees do not use @yahoo.com as their work email, they use @yahoo-inc.com as their work emails.
  • Plus it seemed more like a sales pitch then a help post.
  • Yahoo already has a rep in that forum

I have emailed Yahoo to confirm or deny this person's identity. I have not yet received a confirmation yet, but initial thoughts are that this person is not a real Yahoo employee. I will update this post and the thread when I get final confirmation from Yahoo.

So beware of fake search engine reps, in any forum, pretending to be from any company.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

Update: Yahoo has confirmed with me that this is not a real Yahoo employee.

Update 2: Turns out, Yahoo was wrong. This is a real Yahoo employee. But it seems like this employee did not have Yahoo's approval to post on their behalf. I hope to find out more and post a new article afterwards.

Update 3: I have some more details in this new post.

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