Yahoo Adds Day Parting, Bid Adjustments, Enhanced Geo Targeting But No One Cares


As expected, yesterday, Yahoo launched several enhancements to their search marketing platform that brings them up to speed with many of the competing products and in some way, surpasses some features of their competitors. The main issue for Yahoo is that Google still has all the traffic.

The features include:

  • Ad scheduling, a dayparting tool that enables advertisers to schedule their ads for display at different times and days across an entire week.
  • Bid adjustments, which allow advertisers to specify a premium bid amount for desired demographic groups and audiences.
  • Enhanced ZIP Code-level geo-targeting, including greater control of how your ads are displayed.
  • Upgrades to the management of Content Match, including the ability to choose what portion of your budget to allot to this product.
  • I have an incredibly detailed walk through with screen shots of the new features at Search Engine Land.

    Honestly, I feel bad for Yahoo. The announcement went live at 4pm (EST) yesterday and no one cares, no one is talking about it. It made it to Techmeme via a manual tip and editor addition. There are three forum threads on the topic, all started by a Yahoo representative and only one response in all three posts and that response is extremely anti-Yahoo. Yahoo, please do something to bring back your appeal!

    Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld, Search Engine Watch Forums and DigitalPoint Forums.

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