Search Pulse 27: Google & Yahoo Earnings, Web History, Virginia Tech, Remove Content, Anchor Text, SEO Content, PPC & More

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the-pulse-icon.jpgThe twenty-seventh edition of the Search Pulse is now available for download. We talked about Google and Yahoo's first quarter earnings. We discussed the pros and cons of Google's new web history solution. Google News put the Virginia Tech news in the enterainment catagory. We discussed some PPC and SEO topics and much more. The topics we covered are listed below, in order of priority (based on search community buzz). You can download the MP3 file and listen at your convenience.

You can listen to the MP3 file with our new player directly below:

Topics We Covered:

  1. Google's (GOOG) Earnings Impress While Yahoo (YHOO) Gears Up For Q2 Earnings
  2. Google Goes Beyond Search History With Your Web History
  3. Google News Categorizes Virginia Tech Massacre as "Entertainment," Raises Questions
  4. A New Way To Remove Content in via Google Webmaster Central 
  5. Google Webmaster Central Provides Users with More Detailed Anchor Text Data
  6. Google Link Tool & Anchor Text Tool At Webmaster Central Goes Down
  7. Is Too Much Content A Bad Thing For SEO & Search Rankings?
  8. Microsoft's adCenter Quality Score Update Hurting PPC Relevancy?
  9. Google, & Yahoo! Earth Day Logos
  10. Google Stumbles With "Queryless Search"
  11. Social Media Optimization: Are SEOs Part of the Problem?
  12. Yahoo Partners with eBay and PayPal to Improve the Online Shopping Experience
  13. More Signs of Google Grouping Search Results by Category

Lightening Round:

  1. HackerSafe Claims Services Boosts Search Rank: More Debate on Paid Links
  2. American Blind & Wallpaper Factory Lawsuit Continues
  3. Google AdSense (Publisher) Revenue Share Highest Ever - Maybe
  4. Google AdWords Preferred Cost Bidding Not Welcomed
  5. Debate Over Paid Links Continues
  6. How Should Google Handle Google Bombs?
  7. Google Tracking AdSense Mouse Over Actions
  8. Google Testing Even More Layouts & User Interfaces
  9. Gmail Team Accidentally Disables Batch of Accounts
  10. Out with the Old, In with the New: Google's Froogle Now Google Product Search
  11. Google Announces PowerPoint Presentation Capability in Google Docs
  12. Google Ranked "Most Powerful Brand" in 2007
  13. Google AdSense on Traffic Exchange Programs: We Don't Recommend Them
  14. Google Phone to Launch Worldwide in 2007
  15. Danny's First Search Marketing Expo Coming!

The topic list is in order of how I wanted the conversation to go. I felt that these were the most talked about and discussed topics in the search community. Again, you can listen to the MP3 file here.

We should be having a show this Tuesday night at 5pm (EST) on WebmasterRadio.FM.

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