Search Pulse 9: PubCon Vegas, Hefner's Sky Villa, Google Update, Yahoo's Compliance, Microsoft's Banning, AdWords Quality, Sitemaps Protocol & More

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the-pulse-icon.jpgThe ninth edition of the Search Pulse has now been archived. Last week was WebmasterWorld's PubCon, so not only did we talk about the major events at the conference, but also discusses the past two weeks of search buzz. One of the big topics we focused on throughout the show was search engine to search marketer communication. So tune in to hear some of the good and bad on that topic. The topics we covered are listed below, in order of priority (based on search community buzz). You can download the MP3 file here and listen at your convenience.

Topics we covered:

  1. WebmasterWorld PubCon Vegas 2006 Recap
  2. Yahoo! Rents Out Hugh Hefner's Sky Villa in Palms Hotel
  3. Suspicious Pictures From Hugh Hefner's Vegas Suit in Palms Hotel
  4. Search Engine Roundtable & RustyBrick Contest
  5. Summary Of Recent Posts on Google's AdWords Quality Score Upgrade
  6. Limited Result Changes Taking Place?
  7. Google, Microsoft & Yahoo! Back SiteMaps Protocol
  8. Submitting a Google Sitemaps Does Not Guarantee Indexing
  9. Microsoft Banning Sites from For Link Exchanges
  10. Confusion Over Google's Supplemental Index
  11. Does Registering A Domain Name for 10 Years Help Search Ranking?
  12. Yahoo! Publisher Network Adds "Compliance Manager"
  13. Am I Banned From Google or Other Search Engines?
  14. A Method To Delist Your Competitor From MSN Search's

Lightening round topics;

  1. Google Displaying Really Long Snippets?
  2. Should Search Engine Optimizers Request Site Credit Links?
  3. Google Tests AdWords "Account Snapshot" Beta
  4. Yahoo! Creates Buzz Over Rumors of Cutbacks & "Peanut Butter"
  5. Yahoo Answers Integrated Into Search Results
  6. Summary Of Recent Posts on Yahoo!'s Panama System
  7. Can Google Diagnose Illness Better Than Doctors?
  8. Yahoo! Publisher Network Execs Leave
  9. Cloaking in Google Should be Acceptable for Religious Purposes
  10. Gmail Adds New Features
  11. Did MSNdude Get Fired?
  12. Google AdWords Login Issues Still An Issue?
  13. Yahoo! Search Marketing 2.0 Limits To 20 Campaigns Per Account
  14. Yahoo! To Test Graphical Mobile Ads This Week

The topic list is in order of how I wanted the conversation to go. I felt that these were the most talked about and discussed topics in the search community. Again, you can listen to the MP3 file here.

Tune in next week, Tuesday at 5pm (EST) for the tenth show!

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