Search Pulse 3:, AdWords Test, Intuit & Google, Yahoo! Ads, Supplementals, Belgian Cache, OneBox Spam, Adam Lasnik on Links

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the-pulse-icon.jpgThe third edition of the Search Pulse has now been archived. In this show we covered the launch, AdWords tests, Yahoo!'s marketing blitz, Google & Intuit's partnership, Google's supplemental command, the Belgian court ruling, OneBox spam, Adam Lasnik on links and much more. The topics we covered are listed below, in order of priority (based on search community buzz). You can download the MP3 file here, hope you enjoy it, it was much fun.

Topics we covered:

  1. Is Not Passing Referer Information
  2. MSN Search Redirects to
  3. MSN Search to Switch to What Is The Difference?
  4. MSN Says Referral Bug "Not By Design"
  5. Is A New Threat To Google?
  6. Google Testing Removing Top Blue Ads Based on User Behavior
  7. Intuit & Google Partnership :: Huge For Google
  8. Checking a Site's Supplemental Results in Google
  9. Yahoo! to Spend Big to Compete
  10. Google Cache & Google News Not Allowed in Belgium
  11. Google Search Update
  12. Another Meaningless Google Backlink Update
  13. Google OneBox Q&A Adult Spam
  14. Google Personalized Home Page Adds Custom Tabs
  15. Google's Adam Lasnik Knocks on Paid Links

The topics we did not get to, include;

  1. Yahoo! Fixes YPN Balance Reporting Error
  2. Rotating Ad Blocks To Reduce Ad Blindness
  3. Some AdSense Publishers Can Place Ads in Emails
  4. Google's "AdWords Seminars for Success"
  5. Cre8asite Forums Creates Danny Sullivan Emoticons
  6. Google's Blogger Blogspot Down For More Than One Hour
  7. Google Coming To Manhattan

This show was much more fun for me personally. Enjoy!

The topic list is in order of how I wanted the conversation to go. I felt that these were the most talked about and discussed topics in the search community.

I wanted to again thank Ben and Chris for co-hosting the show with me. We will be live next week, with this weeks search news and debates on Tuesday 5pm (EST).

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