Search Pulse 8: Google AdWords Update, MSN Search Update, PageRank Update, SEO, PubCon Coverage, Firefox, JotSpot, Yahoo! Eggs, & More

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the-pulse-icon.jpgThe eighth edition of the Search Pulse has now been archived. We discussed some hot new topics this week. Google announced that we should be expecting a new landing page quality score soon. There were possible Microsoft and PageRank updates late last week. We posted our WebmasterWorld PubCon conference coverage schedule. We looked at some SEO considerations in Google, Yahoo and other engines. We also discussed dozens of other topics. The topics we covered are listed below, in order of priority (based on search community buzz). You can download the MP3 file here and listen at your convenience.

Topics we covered:

  1. Google to Update Landing Page Quality Score Factors
  2. Microsoft Live (MSN Search) Update 11/3
  3. Possible PageRank Update Underway?
  4. Dual Plus Coverage of WebmasterWorld's PubCon Next Week
  5. Google Advertisers Receiving Settlement Payouts
  6. Does Change of Domain Name Ownership Hurt Rankings?
  7. Some Firefox Browsers Blocking Google AdWords Clicks?
  8. Are Any SEOs Considered White Hat?
  9. Yahoo! Search Marketing Version 2.0 (Panama) Invites Going Out
  10. JotSpot Acquired By Google
  11. Yahoo!'s Logo Surprise (Yahoo! Easter Egg)
  12. Subdomains & The SEO Benefit in Google, Yahoo, & MSN
  13. Microsoft adCenter Updates adCenter Labs Tools
  14. My Experience at Google New York with Vanessa Fox
  15. Google Invites 100 Advertisers to Test Print Ads

Lightening round topics;

  1. Should You Group All Your Sites Under One Webmaster Central Google Account?
  2. Yahoo! Asking For Feedback & Votes on Search Results
  3. Yahoo! Site Explorer Showing an Influx of Links?
  4. Lycos Deals With & Drops Microsoft
  5. Our Friends, Text Link Ads, Sell To MediaWhiz
  6. Yahoo! Slurping Wildcards Via Robots.txt File
  7. Lee Odden Interviews Google's Adam Lasnik
  8. Google Earth Meets Windows Live "Virtual Earth"
  9. Gmail Mobile Client Released, Treo 700p Issues
  10. Gets Sued By

The topic list is in order of how I wanted the conversation to go. I felt that these were the most talked about and discussed topics in the search community. Again, you can listen to the MP3 file here.

I wanted to again thank Ben and Chris for co-hosting the show with me. We will may live next week, with this weeks search news and debates on Tuesday 5pm (EST). PubCon is next week, so we may do a live report or may not. I will keep you posted as we get closer.

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