Search Pulse 19: Rand Proposes, Google Sitelinks Update, Search Algorithms, StumbleUpon, SEO, PageRank, Yahoo, Keyword Tools & More

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the-pulse-icon.jpgThe nineteenth edition of the Search Pulse is now available for download. In this edition we had a bit of technical difficulty with keeping the phone lines up, but we did discuss many topics. They included Rand Fishkin's proposal on TV. We also talked a bit about the Google Sitelinks update, a Phrase ReRank algorithm, StumbleUpon and AdSense. We talked about techniques to use when re-launching a web site. Plus many more fun topics with Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Live Search and some SEO tips. The topics we covered are listed below, in order of priority (based on search community buzz). You can download the MP3 file here and listen at your convenience.

Topics We Covered:

  1. Randfish Proposes To Girlfriend on Veronica Mars
  2. Google Sitelinks Update
  3. "Phrase Based Re-Ranking" Algorithm To Blame for the Google 950 Penalty?
  4. Is StumbleUpon Considered Auto-Surf Traffic & Against AdSense TOS?
  5. Version 2: Relaunching a Site: SEO Considerations
  6. Google Ordered To Drop Belgian Content Again: Google Appeals Again
  7. Google Recommends To Not Control Outbound PageRank Leak
  8. Early Feedback on Yahoo's New Ranking Model for Paid Ads
  9. YahooSarah Talks About Yahoo!'s New Quality Score
  10. Google Maps Hijack Caused By Google Algorithm: Google Adds Report Map Feature
  11. Listing of Some Free Keyword Suggestion Tools
  12. Feedback & Suggestions For Google's Link Analysis Tool
  13. Google Getting Stricter On The Supplementals?
  14. When Is Search Engine Optimization Not Required?
Lightening Results:
  1. Make It On Google's Wall: Google AdWords Photo Contest
  2. Beware: Competitor Hijacks Google Local Business Listing
  3. Are Google Checkout Icons on AdSense Ads a Thing To Stay?
  4. Do Small Pages Rank Better in MSN's Live Search
  5. Google Sends Out Duplicate 1099 Forms But Publishers Earnings Won't Be Reported Twice
  6. Google's Email, Gmail, Is Now Open To Public
  7. Google Maps China Now Live
  8. Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" Button To Be Renamed "Wikipeda Result" Button - Joke
  9. Live Search SOAP API Now Out Of Beta
  10. Ask X Logo Collection of Web 2.0 Logos at Flickr
  11. Microsoft adCenter Reports Delay Confirmed
  12. Google's Home Page Has 67 Validation Errors
  13. European Case Studies at Search Engine Strategies London

The topic list is in order of how I wanted the conversation to go. I felt that these were the most talked about and discussed topics in the search community. Again, you can listen to the MP3 file here.

See you next week for the 20th edition!

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