July 2016 Google Webmaster Report

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This past month was actually fairly slow with Google Webmaster big news. The biggest topics we had were two possible Google updates to their ranking algorithm that went unconfirmed. We also were told we can remove authorship safely now, because Google doesn't use it but it doesn't mean Google knows who the author is or is not. RankBrain is used all the time now but you still can't optimize for it.

Panda hasn't fundamentally changed and it still rolls out slowly over months and months. Google said they ignore keywords in the new keyword TLD portion of the URL. Google added more filters to Search Console, including rich results option. And on the ad side, the biggest thing is they went green this month.

Here is the report from last month and the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is slowish with some complaints about July 4th traffic.

Larger Google Updates:

Search Console: SEO: AMP: User Interface: Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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