Google Manual Actions Recoveries Will Display In Search Console Within Days

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In a Google Hangout on Google+ this morning with Google's John Mueller, he said that when you recover from a Google Manual Action and you get the notice, it should also show up in the manual actions viewer within Google Search Console within a day or two. If not, then you probably still have a manual action or there is a bug with something.

This question came up at the 40:48 minute mark into the video:

Recently had a manual penalty revoked (1 week ago today) for links but the penalty is still being reported in Google Search Console - Manual Penalty Viewer, is this normal? Should I resubmit a reconsideration request?

John Mueller responded:

Sometimes you’ll see kind of a, I guess, a lag or delay of maybe a day or so in the manual actions settings, until the manual action setting propagated. But if you are saying that was a week ago, probably sounds like something either got stuck or it didn’t really happen properly. So you could submit another reconsideration request, you could post something in the forums so someone from the web spam team can double check what was actually happening there. Both of those would be reasonable, it won’t be any issue or problem either way.

So if you have a manual action even after the email notice that it went away, then you probably have another issue you need to address.

Here is the video embed:

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