Daily Search Forum Recap: March 2, 2020

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Vlog #50: Aleyda Solis - International SEO Star On How To Optimize Your YouTube Videos
    Aleyda Solis, the EU Search Personality of the Year, one of the most respected international SEOs in the community...
  • Google Weekend Search Algorithm Ranking Fluctuations & Chatter
    Over the weekend, like between February 28th, February 29th and March 1st, there was significant chatter within the SEO community and this time it was backed by some of the automated tracking tools. The chatter seems to have potentially died down a bit now but it might be too early to tell.
  • Google: Logo Placement Does Not Impact SEO & Search Rankings
    Every now and again you hear these SEO myths that just surprise me. Here is one, where someone was told that the placement of the company logo in a design impacts SEO. The feedback the designer got was that placing the logo in the middle of the head would hurt SEO and Google rankings.
  • Google Pagination Tips For Blogs: Use Tags Or Categories
    Google's John Mueller was asked for tips and advice around getting a blog with thousands of pages deeply indexed. He was asked if he has any pagination tips. John responded "Use categories or tags to cross link so that you have a handful paginated pages per type, from where you link to the blog posts. Keep a good & balanced hierarchy, not too flat, not too deep."
  • Google FAQ Rich Result Guideline Update: One Markup Per Question Throughout Site
    Let's say you have a large site and you have FAQs throughout the site. Sometimes you might decide to answer the same question in multiple FAQ pages just because it is useful for that user reading that specific FAQ page. Well, if you do, don't you dare try adding FAQ markup to all the pages that have that question.
  • Google: No Such Thing As Premium Indexing
    Google's John Mueller was asked about premium indexing on Twitter and he responded "There's no "premium" indexing on Google's side."
  • Google Wheelbarrow Of Dim Sum
    Here is a photo I found on Instagram from the Google Hong Kong office of a wheelbarrow, branded with the Google Cloud logo, filled with bamboo steamers made in Google colors. Someone said it is fille

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