Vlog #50: Aleyda Solis - International SEO Star On How To Optimize Your YouTube Videos


Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis, the EU Search Personality of the Year, one of the most respected international SEOs in the community, agreed to sit down with me while at SMX East to chat about SEO. Aleyda Solis is an SEO consultant who has been doing SEO since 2007 and went solo in 2015. She is super active on Twitter @aleyda and shares a wealth of information on a daily basis. She is an advocate on working remotely and has a web site at remoters.net.

We briefly talked about her SEO history and the pros and cons of agency life versus working solo. We discussed how some SEOs will only do the work themselves and not hire people to do the work, because the client wants them, not someone else.

YouTube optimization (8:32) and growing subscriber rates on YouTube is something I am a bit obsessed with these days. So we talked a bit about YouTube optimization and how it is important. It is not just about the relevance of the video but also about engagement with the user and the retention of the user. It is important to keep people on the video for as long as possible she said. We also talked about the in this video time stamp feature in Google search.

International SEO (12:25 ) is one of Aleyda’s specialities and she doesn’t get why people find it so complicated. Topics like hreflang should not be that complicated but it is for so many people. To me, this reminds me of old CMS platforms before they cared about being search engine friendly. Most CMS platforms do not really have built in hreflang support, so it is complicated. We talked about some cases of this and why sometimes it can be very confusing and complicated, not just for SEOs but also for Google Search.

I then did the transition to hint that people don’t like long videos and then Aleyda explains where to follow her on aleydasolis.com, on Twitter at @aleyda and on YouTube at youtube.com/crawlingmondaysbyaleyda.

Here is the video, I hope you like it:

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