Time For Google Panda Webmaster Notifications?

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Google Panda NotificationsAs many of you know by now, Panda 2.2 is now confirmed to have rolled out and some sites have seen recoveries while others have not, and others were now hit.

Danny Sullivan wrote a nice explanation on how Panda is more a ranking factor than a algorithm update. He gets into it in detail, but what Panda clearly is, is a penalty that downgrades the rankings of a site for having low quality content. If it is an algorithm update or ranking factor - to me, isn't that important. The result, Google flags your site as having low quality content, you then get pandalized and your whole site can suffer.

It is somewhat similar to other ranking penalties where if your site is deemed to be hiding text, buying links, or going against other Google webmaster guidelines - then the site will suffer. Panda, like PageRank, like paid links, like scraped content and so on are all part of the algorithm. Some are run in real time, and some, like Panda and Google Bowling are run manually.

Which brings me to my next point.

Google Panda Webmaster Notifications:

Google should offer webmaster notifications through emails and Webmaster Tools, like they do so well with since 2007 and has lately bumped up to issue notifications of doorway pages, unnatural links, cloaking, or even generic site issues and wordpress installs being out of date.

So why not tell webmasters if they have excessive or worrisome low quality content and thus need to fix the content on their site in order to regain trust and rankings in Google.

I think Google should send out these notifications because it will clearly tell people if they have a Panda problem or another problem.

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Ben Johnston

06/22/2011 01:35 pm

It would certainly be nice to be told in WMT if a site's been Pandalised; it'd probably help clear up some of the Panda-Paranoia.


06/22/2011 01:36 pm

All my sites continue to do well, even improving, except one, and that is somewhat ironic. The one site of mine that has suffered, started in April. In early April it achieved the best rank ever, #2, it had typically been bouncing around 4-6 for the last 5 years, so first 5ish for the last 5 years, beginning of april got to 2, mid april dropped to 12, then dropped more, dropped more, now it is 21, on page 3. 5 years on page 1, suddenly now on page 3. I can't explain it at all, I personally wrote all the content, it is all unique, a smaller site. Maybe it could be a paid link thing, but I don't really buy links, not exactly, I send bloggers free samples in exchange for reviews, but they write real reviews, I insist on honesty. It isn't quite the same as buying a footer link on some unrelated site. I even sent Google a reconsideration request.... "We reviewed your site and found no manual actions by the webspam team that might affect your site's ranking in Google. There's no need to file a reconsideration request for your site, because any ranking issues you may be experiencing are not related to a manual action taken by the webspam team. " So I'm clueless. Still #2 on Bing, go Bing.

Nick Stamoulis

06/22/2011 03:05 pm

It would make life a lot simpler for web owners if Google could give them a heads up. I think a lot of the frustration with Panda comes from not knowing. Site owners aren't exactly sure what they did wrong, so they don't know what to do to fix it.


06/22/2011 04:20 pm

Barry, have you seen stats from any Feb 24th recovery? 

Barry Schwartz

06/22/2011 04:21 pm

No, but people are claiming recoveries - not everyone, but some are.


06/22/2011 04:32 pm

I don't know whether these notifications, even if google sends one, will help given the generic nature of their notifications in general. They will at best tell you that your site has a quality issue but they may not point to you samples of poor quality, if any. With this update being so popular, people have already noted down signals of panda arrival.One such being traffic increase for one or two days before the demotion.


06/22/2011 04:50 pm

Barry, who has claimed a Panda 1 recovery? Been looking but

Barry Schwartz

06/22/2011 04:52 pm

i linked to threads of people claiming. no one listed their URLs.

David Castro

06/22/2011 04:53 pm

I agree. Website quality notifications would help a lot! At least on established websites... I also think that G shouldn't penalize the entire website, but only the lower-quality content.

Joe Youngblood

06/22/2011 06:35 pm

completely agree barry. it's stupid to realize we're over 100 days in and Google hasn't even thought of it yet. Hey AMIT, some sites have no idea what is happening STILL, give us notifications!

Dr Answersguy

06/22/2011 06:46 pm

Excellent idea! Anything Google can do to communicate with webmasters is a step in the right direction. And thank you for having the temerity to call a Penalty a Penalty. Ranking factor...psssh


06/22/2011 08:30 pm

 I heard of later Pandas, or Google probably going back on what they added on Panda 2 from not one has said or shown that they recovered from Panda1

Will Spencer

06/22/2011 09:00 pm

Google does not care about YOU.


06/22/2011 10:54 pm

The problem is not knowing that you have Panda, Google has already made sure you know


06/22/2011 11:05 pm

Absolutely. I couldn't agree more. Google becomes a hypocrite when pandalizing a site as a whole as opposed to a page-by-page penalty. Pulling down the relevant high quality content in the search results via a site-wide penalty only hides those better results from Google's valued users/searchers. Also, this contradicts Google's motto of delivering high quality results, their actually often burying results that are better and more relevant. Poor execution in my opinion.


06/23/2011 12:55 am

Google CAN'T do transparency when it comes to search, just SPIN!


06/23/2011 12:58 am

oh and from Google's very mouth....."Transparency is a core value at Google. As a company we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that we maximize transparency around the flow of information related to our tools and services. We believe that more information means more choice, more freedom and ultimately more power for the individual."......Well back that statement up Mr Cutts and start feeding back to all those webmaster you've so cleverly sucked into to using Analytics, Web Master Central, Ad Manager!

eurostar deals

06/23/2011 07:22 am

Yes You are Right Barry I have also listened that  People are claiming recoveries after panda update.. But there are only few people majority of People Still Effected Due to Panda!!


06/23/2011 12:19 pm

Agree with you totally. Google should interact with us more instead of hiding behind a wall !


06/23/2011 09:19 pm

Totally agree that socking useful information into Webmaster tools is totally overdue. Google's lame loser routine that giving information relating to such and to search in general will result in people gaming Google's algorithms is flawed.  It's like saying publishing the laws will lead to people committing crimes.


06/28/2011 06:54 am

panda update is really useful  as now we can see the guanine results in SERP

Kashish seo

06/28/2011 06:56 am

panda update also known as farmar update. now the the spamming technique will not be working. white hat seo methods will work for u.

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