Incremental Returns After Latest Google Panda Update

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Google Panda ClimbingAs I have been reporting in the past, I have really not seen a mass exodus (Passover is in a couple days) from the Google Farmer/Panda update that was released in late February.

I've heard reports of small improvements after massive changes but no reports of people bouncing back.

More recently, when Google released the Panda update globally I am now seeing more people reporting improvements to their rankings.

They me quote some reports shared in both Google Webmaster Help and WebmasterWorld:

I lost 70% of my Google traffic on March 18 in what I figure was a Panda tweak. I added a bunch of NOINDEX tags to my less-than-stellar pages on Friday. My traffic returned to near-normal on Saturday night. Not sure if Google realized their mistake on sites like mine or the NOINDEX really did help...

Yesterday saw a return of some traffic & sales for us but a shaddow of what it used to be. Looking at some of the search terms reveals some VERY strange goings on, I can't give examples but they are no way what a user would search for, they are like someone is testing our site for terms it should er... sort of rank for! The IP's are UK. Weird.

Well, a few of us are coming back with the latest tweak instead of being hurt more. The traffic to our 16 year old site dropped about 25% on Feb. 24, but suddenly came back to where it was on Apr. 11. It's only been 2-1/2 days, so I'm not really confident yet, but so far so good. It seems to be that out original articles are placing about no. 1 again, ahead of the scrapers; I think that's the difference.

Those are just some of the recent reports of recoveries since the Panda UK release. I also have been hearing more through offline channels, which I cannot disclose here. So maybe things are improving?

Our ongoing coverage and stories on the Content Farmer/Panda update:

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