Status Check: Google Panda / Farmer Rebounds & UK Migration

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Google Panda Man RescueWe have been covering the Google Panda/Farmer update in extreme detail, giving you every theory, every slight update and everything I think can possibly help webmasters stay n top of the topic.

The thing is, we still do not have any concrete information about the update and how to escape from it. There have been maybe a handful of people claiming they are no longer impacted by this Google update but the reality is, it can likely mean they were never impacted by this specific update.

Then we are wondering when it will migrate over to the UK. We had some rumors of Panda hitting the UK. But now I see even more people saying they were hit by the Panda update in Google UK. We have two WebmasterWorld threads about it coming to the UK. But some webmasters are saying it has not yet hit the UK, while others are saying it has.

At this point, I am still unsure who to believe. I do not believe any of those hit by the Panda update were able to come out of it to-date. I also do not believe it is in the UK just yet. Why? Well, like I said before, I really expect to see a large number of webmasters claim their sites were freed from the Panda update prior to Google pushing this out the the UK. And since I have not seen more than five people claim they are no longer impacted by Panda, it is hard for me to believe some who are saying Panda hit the UK when others are saying it has not.

I do expect it to happen really soon but when, only Google knows.

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