No One Has Fully Recovered From Google Panda

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Google Panda: Fallen & Can't Get UpWebProNews posted a video interview named DaniWeb Speaks out on Recovering from Google Panda.

Truth is, her website, did not recover from the Google Panda update. She did discuss the changes she made, which she said stopped the decline in her traffic drop and maybe had a slight increase in Google traffic, but she is far from a recovery case on Panda.

In fact, I have yet to see any substantial proof of a site recovering from the Google Panda update. Anyone who has sent me data that has said they recovered it always turned out to be something else. I look at the numbers and the numbers show it was not Panda but rather other SEO issues. In our current poll, which I want you to take below, if you haven't yet, 70% plus have said they have not recovered.

Why have there been no recoveries? Maybe because of how Google is currently manually pushing out this algorithm. They do it in stages and the first update was in February, the second was in April and then the third was sooner but in May. I have not seen reports of a new iteration since the May 2.1 Panda update.

Let's be far, some have reported incremental returns, like after losing 50% of your Google traffic, an uptick from there of maybe 10% or so. Still way off from being a full recovery.

Anyway, take my poll and I'll publish the full results next week.

The big question to me is why have we not seen FULL recoveries in these updates? Do you think we will see one on the next update? There have to be false-positives in the update and we should see some full recoveries - don't you think?

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