Vlog #149: Joseph Goldsmith On His View Of SEO As A Video Guy


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In part one, we spoke about Joseph Goldsmith and video production topics. In part two, we speak more about SEO topics, mostly about what his clients do around SEO, what he thinks about SEO from editing these videos and more. He gave some examples of clients of his that do think about SEO but sadly, he said most of his clients, including himself, do not think too much about SEO.

I put Jo on the spot and asked him to define SEO, search engine optimization. I quizzed him a bit because I was curious what he thinks SEO is all about after listening to me for a couple of years talk to the community about. Hope you find this angle different and fun - asking a non SEO about SEO.

I asked him about some of the things that surprised him when editing the videos. He said early on, maybe things surprised him but he learned not to be surprised after learning so much from the videos.

We diverted back into video editing a bit more at the end of part two.

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