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I am attempting to start a new vlog series on the topic of SEO and SEM where I interview you - the SEO/SEM community about topics on SEO/SEM. I think I am going to call it Searching The Roundtable Files Vlog or something like that (if you like it or dislike it, let me know in the comments).

I am based in the New York City region, so a lot of the people I interview will probably be in that area. If you are traveling to NYC and have time to meet up for this, that is great. When I travel, I will try to reach out to those who are based in the areas I travel to.

This will be much more zoned into a specific topic as opposed to my weekly news video vlog where I recap the news for the week in my office. This will be a short ~10 minute video interview where I ask you about a topic you are passionate about, be it technical SEO, ad strategies, link building, penalty recovery, Microsoft Advertising, maybe an industry trend or whatever. It will help me get more perspectives from the community and it will help the community get their perspectives out to more people. Plus, it might be a ton of fun!

Here is a video explaining a bit more about what this is about, using the camera I just bought for this (DJI pocket camera affiliate link). This was recorded in my dark office when it was raining outside, so not too bad:

Here is the form you should fill out if you want to participate in this - note that it might take me months to schedule something with you, espesially if you are not in the NYC region.

Looking forward to this and any feedback - drop them in the comments!

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