We Are Three: Search Engine Roundtable's 3rd Birthday

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Tomorrow, December 2nd is our birthday. We were born on December 2, 2003. It has been three years of blogging, almost 4,000 blog posts, about 5 blog posts per weekday. I thought it would be fun to look back at the years and highlight some important and meaningful topics we covered over the years. But first a little history...

The most important thing that happened this year was that I went Off To Get Married this year. This year we won the Best Blog on Search Marketing by MarketingSherpa again, a huge honor for us to win back to back years. I launched my personal blog by Introducing the Cartoon Barry Blog in July of this year. We even started our own weekly podcast named the Search Pulse. I set up a very successful Google Coop for Search Engine Roundtable, if you haven't signed up yet, please do. Chris Boggs became our Associate Editor to provide forum coverage back on February 14st of this year. We released Search Engine Roundtable Supporter Seals which are being displayed proudly throughout the search community by many people. In December of last year, Search Engine Roundtable Opens Forums, which was a big success, today we have over 1,300 members and 6,200+ posts. Later on this year we won the KB Cafe Blog Awards and Best Search Engine Community Blog of 2005 by Search Engine Journal, another huge kudo for us.

Our most important asset is our reader. Those of you who read on a weekly, daily or hourly basis is what keeps us going here. Our numbers continue to grow and we love to see that. We also enjoy all the comments we get via blog comments, email and our forum. Thanks so much for being such a vital part of our success and continued growth.

Here is our special logo for the day: title_birthday3.gif

Highlighted Articles From December 2005 - November 2006 (No Specific Order):

We are three years old! Thank you all!

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums!

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martin - webseo

12/01/2006 01:20 pm

Happy Birthday Search Engine Roundtable! Keep up the good work. martin


12/01/2006 01:33 pm

Happy 3rd web birthday.. How many humans years is that ?

! search-engines-web

12/01/2006 01:58 pm

http://forums.seroundtable.com/member.php?u=83 WOW! Search Engines Web was member #83 and made the first post one year ago this week. Looking at the profile, some threads started during the winter are STILL getting replies! What a really good FORUM - EVERYONE knew immediately that it would be very successful!!

Barry Schwartz

12/01/2006 02:11 pm

Um, this post is about the blog. But I appreciate your feedback on the forums. :)


12/01/2006 02:45 pm

congrats, i think 3 web years equals 30 human years which makes it an even bigger achievement

Leon Schwartz

12/01/2006 02:50 pm

Happy Birthday! and a great logo. It's hard to imagine that it is really 3 years. I am still trying to explain what a blog is to your mother. Good move to clearly state the most important thing that happened (NOT JUST this year) was getting married. You should continue posting until 120; here and at the new Search Engine Land (I'll comment there when it is easier). .....Your proud Dad.

Tamar Weinberg

12/01/2006 03:00 pm

Mazel tov :)


12/01/2006 03:21 pm

>> Um, this post is about the blog. But I appreciate your feedback on the forums. :) You have a blog too???? LOL j/k Cheers m8 and many happy returns

Simon Heseltine

12/01/2006 03:37 pm

Grats, and many more :)

Kristen Owen

12/01/2006 04:55 pm

Happy Birthday - a day early. I like the logo. Very Google-esque in concept *wink wink* Looking forward to my continuation as a blog and forum reader. Cheers!

Michael Martinez

12/01/2006 05:18 pm

Congratulations on making it to the third anniversary, and here is hoping you enjoy many more. As long as you keep doing what you're doing, SE Roundtable is a "must read" site. If I could only look at one SEO forum right now, it would be this blog.

Jonathan Mendez

12/01/2006 06:23 pm

Barry, As you know your blog has been my "cup of coffee" every morning for the past three years. Not sure how I could start the work day without it. Thanks for all your hard work and congrats on another great year. looking forward to what to come. Jonathan


12/01/2006 07:20 pm

congrats barry+crew.. happy bday :) //g


12/01/2006 08:56 pm

A fantastic achievement Barry, well done! Here's to another 3 :)


12/01/2006 10:31 pm

Congrats! I hope that there will be many more! :)


12/02/2006 03:38 am

Happy Birthday and hope u all good luck!

No Name

12/03/2006 01:28 pm

4,000 blog posts in just three years is a great achievement.I got lot of helpful information from this blogs.Happy birthday Search Engine Roundtable! Hope it continues on and on.Best of luck for the future.


12/03/2006 06:12 pm

Congratulations man! Keep it up we'll always be here. Thank You


12/03/2006 06:45 pm

Happy birthday Search Engine Roundtable team! Nice work!Thank you


12/03/2006 06:53 pm

Congrats indeed! Keep up the spectacular work in the future.

Bim Carr

12/04/2006 07:37 am

Happy Birthday! congratulate! Three years - a significant period! Thank you

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