Upgrading Yahoo! Search Marketing to Panama


This morning, I was the lucky few to be included in the first batch of accepted upgrades from the old Overture Yahoo! Search Marketing system to the new Panama 2.0 Yahoo! Search Marketing system. As I informed you in the past, last week I spent two days at Yahoo! learning about the Panama release and I even explained how you can request a Panama invite. So here is what I saw this morning when I logged into my Yahoo! Search Marketing account.

Notice on the introduction screen telling me I can upgrade, if I like.

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Are you sure?


Great, so what to expect?

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So in 8 hours from now, I should have been fully upgraded to the new YSM 2.0.

Update: 8 hours later when I login, I get this.


I login and I get a System Error, "We're sorry. We could not process your request at this time. Please try again later." So I login again and I see we are ok to go. So NO more errors at this time.

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