Vlog #246: Chris Long on E-Commerce SEO


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In part one, we learned about Chris Long and his experience working with Bill Slawski. Then, in part two, we spoke about helping people with SEO on LinkedIn and using Facebook for a career change. Then, in part three, we spoke about SEO strategy and SEO testing. Now, in part four, we talk about SEO for e-commerce sites.

We discussed how messy e-commerce sites can get with pagination, category pages, faceted navigation, infinite scroll, etc. Chris said crawl control is a big issue for many e-commerce sites and SEO. There are plenty of legacy e-commerce sites that have a lot of these SEO issues that new platforms would not have.

We then talk about which pages and categories of pages you should show Google or not show Google. So maybe colors and sizing pages you want indexed but you probably don’t want pricing pages to be indexed. The rule of thumb is more than two facets; you may be a little too much long tail, but it depends.

Chris is not a fan of infinite scroll, he prefers pagination over no pagination. But infinite scroll does make a lot of sense based on people being used to that UX but it does make it harder to find products in some cases.

Images are becoming more and more important for e-commerce sites in SEO. Google has done a lot to promote those images in the search results. Google has been going wild with UX changes in search for products and shopping. We also briefly spoke about Google Lens and e-commerce.

More to come...

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