Vlog #158: Brian Wallace On Measuring The Success Of Infographics


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In part one we spoke about how Brian Wallace of NowSourcing got into infographics, how it is not just about links but much more and some cool scores he had with them. In part two, we talk about measuring the success of infographics and other uses for infographics.

I asked Brian how does one measure the success of infographics and often he said it is about the domain authority (DA Moz metric) is one of the metrics they use. How many links and what were the DA of those links, they resulted in. So they primarily look at the quantity and quality of the links the infographic generates. Sometimes they get traffic numbers but often they are unable to get that data.

He also mentioned a tool named CoverageBook and this tool measures a lot of the metrics around your PR efforts. He said his clients are pretty happy with the reports they get from that tool, in terms of showcasing the success of a specific infographic.

I almost hired Brian without any interest in DA but in driving awareness about a product or service that may be unknown by many. So to promote interesting data that a product or service may have, so that the product becomes more well known.

They also help newsrooms generate new ideas for content when there is a staff shortage. So it is not just about DA but also content generation ideas for news agencies. He also shared some successful infographics he had over the years.

Also we briefly discusses gating these pieces of content versus not gating them and the pros and cons. There is also the concept of infographic white papers, which is a longer form infographic that works in some cases.

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