Vlog #150: Joseph Goldsmith On Impressions Of SEO Personalities & These Vlogs


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In part one, we spoke about Joseph Goldsmith and video production topics. In part two, we spoke about his views of SEO as a video guy. In part three, I asked him about his impressions about SEO personalities and the SEO industry. So we spoke about some personalities and discussions we had, some of my favorite people and interviews, including some of the ones that surprised me.

We went off on more tangents but this is about drones - they are so much fun.

Jo spoke about how he gets new business and how treating your clients well is important because word of mouth business is so important. Client relationships are almost as important as your work, Jo said. He also spoke about the importance of investing in yourself is super important.

So hit Jo up if you need any editing work - he is really a good and professional individual to work with!

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