Vlog #120: Mike McPeak On Learning SEO On The Job & Hiring An SEM Agency

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Mike McPeak

I chatted with Mike McPeak, the marketing technologist and CRM specialist at Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel, a company that sells those massive trailer trucks and really big trucks. We are both freshly fully vaccinated but decided to keep things outside to stay old-COVID-school. Mike is less than five years in the SEO space but he has some serious knowledge about the topic.

We first spoke about how he started doing SEO, which was basically because the company he was working at decided to move more into the digital marketing space. He was responsible for hiring two different SEO agencies in his tenor at the company. We spoke about what went into hiring those agencies, why he left the original agency and why qualities he was looking for in the new agency. It is interesting to hear from someone who knows SEO what they look for in an SEO agency for their own company.

You can learn more about Mike McPeak on LinkedIn or @seo_sitch, part two is coming next week:

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