Vlog #119: Justin Abrams On Human Experience Marketing & Adaptation of Technology

May 10, 2021 • 8:00 am | comments (0) by twitter | Filed Under Search Engine Roundtable Vlog by Barry Schwartz

In part one with Justin Abrams, the Senior SEO Consultant at BrightEdge and also the co-founder of Cause of a Kind, we spoke about SEO customer success and a bit about mountain climbing. In part two we go into human experience marketing and the adaptation of technology.

(0:16) Human Experience Marketing:

As you will quickly see, Justin has a special skill of understanding the person he is talking with and really being able to relate to that person on their own level. Our first topic of conversation was related to how to use human experience in your marketing. Justin explained there is a shift in digital business going on. Early on, people were focused on driving web performance but SEOs were like the black sheep of the business. Now, there is this shift going on from a search marketer to a human experience marketer. It is all about how does what I write, what services I provide, what I build server a human need. It is about putting the human at the epicenter of the decision making process.

(8:05) Adaptation of Technology:

We have seen a huge increase in start ups, and some of these companies that has changed human behavior, such as Uber. We are starting to see new technologies being built around human needs. Technologists and developers are now thinking about the next step in their human experience and how their customers, friends, etc can be helped with technology. Doing a search first experience is what many are thinking about. Looking at the data to see if search data to see if there is a need for a new technology, is there a market, is it competitive, and so on. Organizations are looking at all of this from a search first perspective.

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