Vlog #54: Tony Wright On SEO Attribution & Online Reputation Management


Tony Wright

Tony Wright has been doing SEO since 1998, that is super early. He did it all from black hat to white hat SEO through the years. He started his career in a PR firm and his job title was "Cyber PR," how cool is that title. Back then Google was not even around, it was the Alta Vista and Excite days and the days of the Yahoo Directory. In 2007 he decided to start his own firm, he started working out of his garage and now has 15 people working for him.

He said attribution is an important piece for everyone to look at. Understand the touchpoint for your web site, the SEO, PPC, social media and other areas is important. You need to know the journey people take to make the conversion on your site. Use Google Analytics to see your attributions for your site. This is important because it helps you get budget for SEO and other marketing initiatives.

Tony said he fell into doing reputation management when his client, American Airlines during 9/11 and for the bird strike. He said often times it can be harder for you to do SEO for sites you do not control, that is what you need to do for reputation management. So he said SEO is easier than reputation management. He gave one example of a plastic surgeon having a bad review and all it took was to make video content for someone. One of the best things you can do is just reach out to the person who wrote the bad piece of content that is ranking well.

Tony Wright is at WrightIMC.com and on Twitter at @tonynwright.

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