Google Shares Early Feedback On SGE, Expands To Japan & India

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Google Globe Data Sge

Google has shared some early feedback on how searchers and consumers use the new Search Generative Experience while expanding access to SGE in Japan and India. Google also officially launched link cards in SGE after weeks of testing.

Early SGE Feedback from Google

Hema Budaraju, Senior Director of Product Management from Google Search shared these points after conducting surveys and research. Yes, we saw Google surveying searchers about SGE. Here are quotes from Hema Budaraju:

  • People are having a positive experience, and are using SGE for help with more complex queries and entirely new types of questions.
  • The highest satisfaction scores among younger users (18-24 year olds), who say they enjoy being able to ask follow-up questions conversationally.
  • People find the suggested follow-up questions beneficial to see examples of how to refine their search
  • People are asking longer and more conversational questions in full sentences
  • Overall, Google is seeing people try queries that they never may have thought they could search for before, creating new opportunities for Google to be helpful
  • Google of course said people are finding ads either above or below the AI-powered overview helpful
  • People like that they can easily scroll and access a broad range of sources on the web, in addition to what they see in the AI-powered snapshot

That is what Google shared about the early feedback.

Expanding SGE Access

In terms of expanding access to try SGE, Google said it is coming to Japan and India. In fact, it is already available for users in Japan, Kenichi Suzuki spotted it over 24-hours ago and posted about it on X and his blog and then a few hours later, Google posted that news on the Google Japan blog.

Google said that Japanese users will be able to use generative AI capabilities in their local language.

But for users in India, Google rolling it out in both English and Hindi, with a language toggle to help multilingual users easily switch back and forth.

When is it coming to your region? Google wrote, "We look forward to expanding to even more countries in the future."

Listen SGE Search

Plus, Google is also launching SGE with the ability to listen to the output, so users can simply listen to the responses. Google said these are "both popular preferences in India."

Here are some screenshots of this in action from some folks on Twitter from India:

Via @KumarpalKp:

click for full size

Via @b4k_khushal:

click for full size

Finally, there will be no changes to ads in SGE. Google said, "in both countries, Search ads will continue to appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the page."

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