Google May Revert Favicons & Black Ad Label On The Desktop Search Results

Jan 27, 2020 • 9:08 am | comments (10) by twitter mastodon | Filed Under Google Search Engine

A couple weeks ago, Google launched the mobile search interface design it had since May 2019 on desktop. It brought the favicons to the snippets and the black ad label for the desktop search ads. This design release, like the mobile released caused a huge number of complaints within the search community but more importantly, unlike with the mobile release, it caused a huge number of complaints outside of the search community.

Because of that, Google has said they may (or may not) revert this change. For now, Google said they will continue to experiment new changes and may remove the favicons and/or black ad labels on desktop search based on those tests. In fact, Google began testing these changes on Friday as we reported.

Here is what Google said on Friday afternoon:

And yes, many are seeing Google do tests around this since Friday through today and probably going forward for a few weeks as Google said:

So expect a lot of changes over the next few weeks and I am super curious what the final outcome will be...

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