September 2013 Google Webmaster Report

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Google Webmaster ReportThis past month, we did not have any official update but something made the Google results rumble in late August, we have over 250 comments with complaints in the post. I am waiting on official confirmation from Google if there was some sort of update or not.

Google's Matt Cutts also announced links within widgets must be nofollowed. Google moved the reconsideration requests feature into the new manual actions viewer. Plus, webmasters and SEOs are getting impatient with not seeing a PageRank update in over six months.

Otherwise, the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is pretty quiet over the labor day weekend.

For last month's recap, see the August report. Here is the monthly recap as we saw it:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Jim Rudnick

09/03/2013 12:44 pm

As usual, Barry....great recap of all things in our SEO world, lad! #SEOKudos!


09/03/2013 04:16 pm

all like usual, google continues to destroy the web.


09/03/2013 08:05 pm

I got a huge hit on Aug 9th, lost about 80% of my google traffic.

Sita Gabriel

09/04/2013 05:48 am

Very true!

Aspire Guru

09/04/2013 11:08 am

As usual why people afraid of the google :D


09/04/2013 11:16 am

I got hit on september 4 and lost 995 of my search traffic..Any updates on this date??


09/04/2013 11:44 am

same here

Sam Youssef

09/04/2013 03:49 pm

We got the biggest hit i have ever seen a site can get .. something like 75% of search traffic gone!! What's happening with Google it;s becoming unbearable all these changes seems like only big names are benefiting and everyone bites the dust at some point..


09/04/2013 08:32 pm

I want to report drop in traffic from google (yahoo and bing are same), yesterday on my blog I had400 from google today just 100...


09/05/2013 02:24 am

I wonder while Google is not updating the page ranks, probably they are very busy writing codes for new algorithms


09/05/2013 07:48 am

My site got hit on Sept 3 from average of 3k down to 700 sept 4.

Heba Whipix

09/06/2013 01:51 am

yes Really

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