Google: Short & Basic Reconsideration Requests Won't Do It.

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google Reconsideration RequestsIf you didn't get the memo yet, and we've covered what Google expects from reconsideration requests before - Google wants details in the request.

If you have a manual action and it shows up in the manual action viewer, you can submit the review request over there.

But don't go short and basic. John Mueller, Google's Webmaster Trends Analyst, said in a Google Webmaster Help thread in response to why one site that sent multiple requests didn't get a satisfactory reason:

One of the things we noticed was that your last reconsideration request was a bit short & basic, which when taken on its own, gave the team a wrong impression about the steps you've taken to resolve this issue on the web. Earlier ones were much better in that regard.

My general recommendation for reconsideration requests would be to make sure that you're really submitting the right & relevant information there, so that it's clear to those processing the request what steps you've taken to resolve this issue: linking to the doc you mentioned is great, linking to a forum discussion is great, providing more context in the message directly is also very useful. In this case, that's not necessary anymore, but for others, it's probably worth keeping this in mind.

It appears that in this case, that although the bad aspects of the site are mostly gone - Google did not grant the request because the request itself was way too short and basic.

So do your work, show you really mean it, and give Google what they want.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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