Google's Panda Update Graduates To Rolling Update

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pandaLast night at SMX West, Google's Matt Cutts announced that the Panda algorithm will be more of a rolling update, as opposed to what it has been as a manually pushed out update.

I am not sure what I am going to do with my time now. I am no longer going to be able to get confirmations from Google about Panda updates. The updates are going to be less transparent to webmasters and SEOs. They will likely happen more frequently and have less of an impact on the overall search results. At least that is my take.

I posted the audio file of Matt saying this at Search Engine Land:

Rather than having some huge change that happens on a given day. You are more likely in the future to see Panda deployed gradually as we rebuild the index. So you are less likely to see these large scale sorts of changes.

So the update that is rolling out over the weekend might not be that noticeable to you and I.

I should note, we asked in the past if Panda was a rolling update and it wasn't. So it looks like now it is.

Here are the past Panda updates:

Forum discussion at Google+.

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03/14/2013 03:36 pm

Is something big coming? Starting yesterday we've been having the highest google crawl rate since April last year, even though we haven't had any noticeable changes on the website for the last couple of weeks.


03/14/2013 04:00 pm

Thank goodness. This means I won't have to hear "It's another Panda update" "It's another Panda update" "It's another Panda update". Frankly I thought it was weird how much buzz each update garnered.


03/14/2013 04:12 pm

traffic was noticeably down for a few of my sites so it's already affecting me.

Chris Angulo

03/14/2013 06:13 pm

I haven't noticed any change in traffic or search rankings I monitor as of yet. I am quite glad that I will not receive an abundant amount of emails inside my company every time someone hears about a new panda update. I mean outside of Google Alerts and checking this website, it's no wonder I have dreams about Pandas and Penguins battling out to the death.

Muhammad Februriyanto

03/14/2013 07:35 pm

#Lol. I love when panda update been rolling out. For me,panda is more like a sandbox list, we have chance to come in and come out in every panda update.


03/14/2013 11:02 pm

Thank you for the update. We strive to release quality content on all of our sites that our readers would truly enjoy. We have found that as a benefit not only for our followers but also for our SEO. Have a Great Day.


03/15/2013 12:16 am

This is a great move. No waiting for an update to see if you can recover. Well at least that is my interpretation.

Gregory Lancaster

03/15/2013 01:57 am

expect a huge drop very soon


03/15/2013 04:52 am

My website is ranking on 49 position & now its on 225 serp whats going with wrong

Ranu Jain Gupta

03/15/2013 05:28 am

Sigh!! Don't know why people make a mountain out of molehill. But no harm in keeping an eye on analytics over the next few days. And if there is an unaccountable change in traffic, it could be due to Panda....

Arindam Saha

03/15/2013 07:10 am

Thanks for the information. Hoping for the best result from panda update.

Sourabh Rana

03/15/2013 11:22 am

Fingers crossed ,, waiting for best results ,, done lots of hard work

Seo Hop

03/15/2013 02:39 pm

many things have happaned this month including the mention of the new panda update and in the future the penguin update I have tried to cover all of the occurences

V.C. Sharma

03/16/2013 05:29 am

Now it has become a regular process and still websites are optimized with blackhat SEO


03/18/2013 06:12 am

my site is ranking on 3rd place in google Search now its droup @ 50 how i recover this any suggestion or tips !! guys i need your help !!

Ron VanPeursem

03/22/2013 10:16 am

I guess I find myself actually RELIEVED to hear that Google will be less traceable in its algo updates. Gaming Google is a sad pursuit. As Google gets better at what THEY do, I'm expecting to see Marketers get better at what WE do (and I don't mean getting better at the fluff-and-bluff tactics to game the Panda!). Barry - thanks for keeping us posted on these developments. We depend on you!

Jen Stekkinger

03/25/2013 09:04 am

There has never been a better time to support Bing and Yahoo than now

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