Google Announces 24th Panda Refresh; Not Related To January 17th

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Google Panda #24Despite it being just five days from extremely strong signs of a Google update, which Google denied, Google announced yesterday on Twitter that they have pushed out a new Panda refresh.

This would make the 24th revision or refresh to the Panda update since launching in February 2011. This update has a noticeable impact of 1.2% of English queries. The previous once, version 23 on the holidays had an impact of about 1.3%.

Honestly, the forums are not that noisy about this change. The January 17th change, which Google said was nothing, seemed like a much larger Google search update than this 1.2% Panda refresh they announced yesterday.

Past Google Panda Update:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld & DigitalPoint Forums.

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Ehsan Rahmatulla

01/23/2013 01:57 pm

I have seen quite a lot of top rankings website slip down quite badly or even to page 2 from higher up on page 1 since last week! I believe its related to keyword over-targeting within link building campaign!! Keep me updated.

Krystian Szastok

01/23/2013 02:04 pm

So basically Google didn't say today it's not related to January 17th. My thought is they started rolling out and kept on tweaking since 17th and then once they were happy with the SERPs they announced it. Just my theory though... Also why is the link in that tweet back to May 2011... lol


01/23/2013 03:11 pm

F*ck Panda! Give us a Penguin refresh!

Winson Yeung

01/23/2013 03:22 pm

Things just keep getting bad...


01/23/2013 05:53 pm

Krystian..Well said :)


01/23/2013 06:49 pm

Even i feel the seem Major observation of mine also has been the same higly competitive keywords witl bulky anchor text backlinks have fallen badly

Muhammad Imran

01/23/2013 08:07 pm

Now it is official, Google is going to mad again.


01/23/2013 09:59 pm

I say that there was a glitch on 17th January, something wrong in the Google algo, now to fix it they are re running the previous panda script and to cover it up they are calling it panda refresh.

Guy E

01/23/2013 10:13 pm

Because that's the page with the most Panda related information on it; I believe it was the blog post they used to announce Panda.


01/24/2013 04:22 am

Barry are you sure they aren't lying to you?


01/24/2013 04:27 am

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Sean Allan

01/24/2013 04:28 am

One of our sites dropped from a PR 4 to a PR 2... any ideas?

Sam Lab

01/24/2013 05:03 am

The Same I Discussed with Where From A discussion I found Something Interested Yes "Google confirms it as Panda Update - As Per the Reports "Major Fluctuation Noticed on 17th jan As Showing in Article" Many Web masters Lost their Ranking on Date before 19th Jan While The Panda Refresh is Announced on Date 21st Jan" Then Why Fluctuation Noticed on Date 17th ? Any Suggestions ?


01/24/2013 05:44 am

Parwez I agree with you!


01/24/2013 08:03 am

anyone knows how to deal with it now after the update? what to do and what not to do in the seo job?


01/24/2013 10:36 am

Yeah, Stop looking at public PR, it means nothing and work on building a great website.


01/24/2013 11:16 am

It might be an indicator of some kind of penalty though, so worth looking at what you are doing, or have done in the past.


01/24/2013 11:16 am

Sounds wonderful, tell me more.


01/24/2013 11:17 am

Good. Over optimised anchor text is an attempt to trick Google.

Arsal Naqvi

01/24/2013 01:16 pm

hahaha LOL


01/24/2013 01:21 pm

Google works on the algo daily. The work done cause fluctuation.

Ami Gerpe

01/24/2013 03:48 pm

Hi, all! I have to make a report about this update for my job and would need some info, maybe you can help me! I need to know some sites that were affected, for good or bad. Can you share some links with me? Thanks!

Jack SEO Consultant - Eemes

01/24/2013 07:26 pm

There is a huge change currently going on with google. Its like Links vs Content. Many sites have dropped. I feel that there is more importance given to local & google+ results. Also I feel in the coming 4 months are crucial as google has been testing with more updates. Panda is the major player here , so SEO's should focus more on Panda than penguin.

Jack SEO Consultant - Eemes

01/24/2013 07:28 pm

i can find some changes on Wednesday mozcast


01/25/2013 05:01 am

Yes Panda updates is not there on 17th but its Google update which called " Link Devaluation" Google not confirm officially but its true that Google just rolled out "Link Devaluation" update on 17th Jan 2013 and that's why ranking fluctuation is there. if you want to know more about "link devaluation" then read and

Van Madgan

01/25/2013 05:08 am

Certainly! its true jemin as i have done small testing on that it has positive effect on my keywords. Thanks for sharing update details

Radomir Basta

01/25/2013 09:06 am

Yup, my thoughts also. They broke something 17th January, and then roll out the Panda update to fix it. Clever Googlers :)


01/27/2013 03:47 am

yes you are saying absolutely right. its was something danger on 17th Jan.


01/28/2013 11:30 am

Great! The latest updates have affected my traffic. It is becoming more and more difficult now.

Sam Lab

01/29/2013 07:50 am

Yes I Got that , Read About the Same But this Time Fluctuation Disturb most of web masters .Thanks


01/31/2013 07:37 am

I think Google might be crazy. Why again and again they are changing their algorithm..Now i have stopped doing care for Google and Now i am doing promotion for yahoo and Bing.


01/31/2013 07:53 am

You are right. The crazy Google


01/31/2013 07:54 am

Google has fu*kd my business


01/31/2013 07:58 am

Google is really mad for all the business.i think so i will go other search engine.


01/31/2013 07:59 am

yes its is true.also i will go other sites.

Afshan Ahmed

01/31/2013 12:56 pm

Strongly agree to Ahsan Parwez, this updates makes so many changes in serps ...

Afshan Ahmed

01/31/2013 12:57 pm

Agree with u

Dario Petkovic

02/05/2013 11:26 pm

Ahsan mate - that sounds like the most plausible explanation.


02/07/2013 10:27 am

Hey Jemin if it is not panda update , only google devaluation process then , my website get devalued very critically , as my very competitive keywords like ( web design company ) that was standing on 2nd page in google rankings from long time , suddenly got disappeared from google search results . How i can take my website again to its reputable and in top position ? Or is it come itself after any update ?

Robin Smith

02/16/2013 11:50 pm

true!! January 17. my rank drops from no. 6 to 27..geez

Keith Hawn

02/22/2013 07:25 am

my site has gone to sh&t in the past 2 weeks - are you missing Panda 25 ???!!!! anyone else notice any changes recently to your rankings?

Paul Thomson

02/28/2013 07:21 am

Ahsan, that sounds about right. Although Google are pretty smart so maybe they were just doing some testing... just my 2c


03/28/2013 05:31 am

I am seeing the worst results in years on Google. IN Australia they are referencing useless directory sites multiple times over...Yellow pages, white pages, where is, true local....honestly, google is doing itself a disservice doing this.

Shaggy Thakkar

05/16/2013 04:28 pm

My PR was 2 Now my website PR is 0 What i should have to do for getting PR Back?

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