Google Panda 2.2 Update Underway?

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Google Panda Update 2.2As I noted in the June 2011 Google report, there is some early indication that Google is doing a new Panda release now.

A WebmasterWorld thread has people taking notice of the ranking changes as of last night after 6pm EDT.

Here are some of the comments:

I'm not sure if anyone is seeing it but everyone of my 15-20 websites has moved up or down today. Some of these sites were hit by Panda and some were not. I am definitely seeing a larger than normal reshuffle of the SERPs.

Today (7-June-2011) i am seeing up-Down in seems its going panda update for June month

Two of my sites that had been slapped are back in the SERPs today. They were fairly new sites, only a couple of months old, and they both dropped about 800 places to the bottom of their respective SERPs in mid April. Here they both are this morning with good positions for their targeted keywords.

My old main pandalised site is still dead in the water though.

Some history on Panda. Panda was released in February then Panda 2.0, the international rollout, hit in April and then Panda 2.1 was rolled out in May. So June is a nice time for Panda 2.2 or 3.0 - did you notice any changes? Will this result in sites finally recovering from Panda?

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06/07/2011 01:59 pm

Google makes over 200 changes a year... Are we going to call every single one from now on 'Panda' ?

Barry Schwartz

06/07/2011 01:59 pm

No, we will not.

Daan Goor

06/07/2011 02:59 pm

I'm experiencing the same thing. New site, 9 months old, after 2 months on position 600 it's back on position 3!


06/07/2011 04:43 pm

Seeing possible signs of recovery for a site I had pandalized in Panda 1.0. This is a site that is seasonal (and this isn't the season for it), so I can't really track traffic changes, thus, I'm reliant on tracking rankings. The biggest phrase that got pandalized on 2/24 initially got sent from position 1 or 2 all the way to 50 and beyond. Since then, it stabilized in the 17-20 range. Today, for the first time, I'm seeing some real possibility of it returning to its former glory.  At the moment, though, it's browser-dependent. In Chrome Incognito, it's at #7. In Firefox, it's at #2! (woot!). In IE9, it's still at #20.  (All of these checks are with me not logged in, of course). I'm hoping that although there is still a wide variance between browsers, the #2 and #7 rankings are positive signs of settling into pre-Panda or at least near-pre-Panda rankings soon.

Michael Martinez

06/07/2011 05:10 pm

It's hard to nail down the characteristics of a Panda update event but the discussions at WebmasterWorld have calmed down and they are treating Panda claims with great skepticism and looking for more data.  I am pretty sure that if the consensus over there wells up in favor of calling a "panda update event", they'll probably be correct or close to it.

Chris @ DateSphere

06/07/2011 08:41 pm

My site took a huge hit today, I have no idea why. I didn't seem to be affected by any other Panda updates, and if anything saw an increase in traffic over the last few months. 


06/08/2011 05:47 am

 Surprised you survived so far the Panda.

franz enzenhofer

06/08/2011 08:21 am

we should call this one the GOOGLE UNICORN UPDATE and yes, some sites went down (like huge), some sites (that got hit in the first panda) are up. it's a good time to be a freelance SEO

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06/08/2011 10:03 am

Google panda is totally darama google just want to become bigdaddy of internet world and many spammy sites are working successfully yet.


06/08/2011 01:46 pm

Tough to tell really based on such limited data if this has anything to do with Panda, other typical algorithm tweaks, or just competitive verticals... Are these sites using original content, scraped content, or just light content? How about ad positioning, if any? Link profile? Sites I've dealt with on my free time had original, quality content, grayish link profiles, and no ads, and really haven't seen any changes in rank position. One or two spots up or down, but I can't say for sure it has had anything to do with Panda.

alumni directory

06/08/2011 02:39 pm

What's Panda?

Sonu Prajapati

06/08/2011 07:16 pm

 Yes, my web site hit by Panda Update. Before Panda update my website all keywords are ranking Google 1st,2nd or 3rd  page. But after Google Panda update my web site all keywords go down under 300-400 and some keywords are invisible in Google SERP. Can any one tell me wt i should to get again previous  ranking....


06/11/2011 11:10 am

The SERPs are not very consistent since Panda update. Changes are being seen continually, and many results with outdated content are still showing up. Anyways After first update of Google Panda, lot of website rankings went down due to this update.. its completely working on content side.. let see what happens with the 2.2 version. Hope Its good for all who write Real Good Quality Content. Regards,


06/18/2011 11:06 am

google makes 200 changes a year for sure but they are not as widespread or effect as many sites as is happening after panda


06/20/2011 06:42 am

is it released or not few of my sites are been moved to first page and few almost dead

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