April 2012 Google Webmaster Report

Apr 2, 2012 • 8:47 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Webmaster ReportHere is our monthly recap of the changes made to Google that impact webmasters and SEO. Before we give the recap, I wanted to pull out of the WebmasterWorld thread the three things webmasters are talking about right now in terms of Google's search results changes. They include:

  • Long Tail Sites Seeing Huge Fluctuations In Google Traffic
  • E-Commerce Sites Not Ranking As Well
  • Google's Localization Changed (Google Venice)

In the past thirty days, the most important topics include the Panda 3.4 update, Matt Cutts announcing an overly SEO penalty and big blog network penalty.

Here are the stories that I pulled out over the past month which are important and related to Google SEO topics:

Last month's recap can be found here.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Paul Matheson

04/02/2012 01:00 pm

Wow you guys have some top quality information here! This is the first time I've found your site but I'm definitely sticking around to soak up some of your knowledge, keep it coming!


04/02/2012 01:34 pm

I think this has hurt an awful lot of people really. I understand what Google is trying to do but when the over-optimisation penalty hits ecommerce websites that have thousands of products and have to use some form of automation to get there I think they are just going a bit too far!


04/02/2012 01:43 pm

When i wake up at morning and my friend said did u read new post about Google algorithm..I think this things stop now because every day Google doing changes.Its not fair with users.Something I'm frustrated from all these changes.


04/02/2012 06:09 pm

I wish they'd finalize what "over-optimization" penalty actually entails.


04/04/2012 08:09 am

These changes will generate movement in SEO work. Thanks for information.

SEO Company

04/08/2012 08:25 pm

you are right Fiestas.. all SEO Companies must take care of all these while doing web promotion of their site.

Madison R.

04/27/2012 04:03 pm

I totally agree with Sd - they've gone just a bit too far in their attempt to weed out all spam.  From what I understand, the duplicate penalty - which used to be a non-issue for legit marketers -is now hitting people who just have very similar-looking product pages - that's nuts! Hopefully we see some revisions in the near future. It's good that they're focusing on content, but it's not like they're really making SEO any easier for the little guys. If anything, it just got harder.

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