Vlog #219: Igal Stolpner On International SEO: It's About The Regional Users


Igal Stolpner

In part one, we learned about who is Igal Stolpner and now in part two we dive into the topic of international SEO.

He said while hreflang is important for international SEO, it is just a tag and there is more to international SEO than just hreflang. He said hreflang may be more complex than you think and then the technical SEO aspects are there but it is a very small part of taking a site internationally, he said.

You need to make a site run in multiple languages and that is the hard part. The hardest part with international SEO is figuring out the culture and making that local user feels like he is at home. He said it is about understanding how the local users in those regions interact with search, your site and your content. These aspects can be very different from country to country.

Keyword research is much more difficult than just translating your keywords. He does something called the international assessment report, where they do a much deeper dive beyond translation but thinking about how to change the content, do you need different content and so forth.

He said the concept of using translation tools to translate your content is being used by more companies than he originally thought and it is an issue he has to deal with his clients. He said the issue is that these companies use Google Translate to initially translate the content but never have an editor review that content. He said the May 2022 core update hit these AI-translated content big.

We will dive more into this topic and more in part three.

You can learn more about Igal Stolpner at @igalst or on LinkedIn.

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