Vlog #95: Elie Orgel On Data For Creating Link Bait Pages (Part One)


Elie Orgel

Elie Orgel has been doing SEO for about ten years and I actually have some connections that go way back. He currently works at the Rosenblum Law firm as the director of marketing there. He got into SEO by making web sites for local businesses and then started to learn about SEO over time. He then got a part time job at Rosenblum Law firm and then moved to Search Interactions for a while, then he went to the American Kennel Club (which was founded in 1884) and then came back to Rosenblum Law firm.

We then started talking about how to get links by creating link bait pages. He said you can use really good data to create pages that people will want to link to and reference in their web pages. He gave some examples of types of data that worked for the Rosenblum Law firm. Specifically he said you can find data that is available online but yet not indexed, if you can leverage that data, you can achieve a lot of success in creating link bait pages. Elie added that he believes unlinked citations can help you rank better into Google.

You can learn more about Elie Orgel on LinkedIn or ElieOrgel.com.

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