Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Search Algorithm Updates, Video Structured Data Docs & Interviewing Danny Sullivan

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This week, I did the video from my hotel room in NYC, you can see the Empire State Building from my window - not bad. I talked about the interesting Google search algorithm update from over the weekend that Google kind of confirmed but not really. That Google local algorithm update from earlier this month may be about relevancy versus proximity. Google posted a revised help document on video structured data, it is worth checking out. Google is working on “new email stuff” for Search Console. Google said it rewrites titles in a few number of cases. Google’s new median time to render a page is 5 seconds. Google’s John Mueller said Google does not have a spam score. Google stopped allowing for inbound phone calls for Google My Business support. Bing has a scary bug with the cache page results it fixed shortly after. Google is testing grouping search results together. Google released a new video series, this one is on Search Console Training. I posted a two part video interviewing Danny Sullivan, who now works with the Google Search team. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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This week, I did the video from my hotel room in NYC...
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