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In December, Google told us they would move its structured data testing tool from Google's site to the domain. This was after it first said it will deprecate the tool, since Google only wanted to support a rich results tool.

Well, now, the markup validator is now live, in beta at Note, I had this in our newsletter the other day from SchemaApp but it is worth covering in case you missed it and it was announced yesterday afternoon officially.

The tool looks similar to Google version (click to enlarge):

click for full size

The tool was "based on the tool previously known as the Google Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT), and is provided by Google as a service for the community," they said. And here are the features:

  • Extracts JSON-LD 1.0, RDFa 1.1, Microdata markup.
  • Displays a summary of the extracted structured data graph.
  • Identifies syntax mistakes in the markup.

Note that this tool is focussed on In the case of JSON-LD, this means that it will not fetch or interpret other @context URLs.

Here are additional details about what the tool can do:

  • Fetch pages from URL, or validate markup provided directly.
  • Extract structured data injected by Javascript, e.g. by widgets.
  • Combine JSON-LD from script elements, alongside data the HTML attributes defined by RDFa and Microdata.
  • Apply some heuristics for cases where markup provides text values when an entity is expected.

Play with it at

Here is what Google said about it; since Google's goal is to get it off the Google domain and onto

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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