Google's Universal Analytics 3 Still Collecting Data For Most Well After Deadline


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Google's Universal Analytics 3, which was supposed to stop collecting data over a week ago, on July 1st, is still collecting data for most, if not all, UA3 profiles. Every UA3 profile I have access to that is still properly set up, it still collecting data.

I even posted a poll last week asking if anyone is noticing a shutdown of data collection with UA3 and with over 400 responses, 17.6% said they were shut down. I find that number surprisingly high based on what I am seeing from my profiles and from others on Twitter. I suspect some were confused filling it out or the UA3 tracking code was removed by their developers?

Here is the poll:

Or maybe most of us are lucky. Watch Google shut it all down today at some point...

As a reminder, Google told us, it began "shutting down Universal Analytics as we welcome you to Google Analytics 4. This will not happen overnight, so some Universal Analytics properties may continue to process data. However, all properties have now been added to the queue, and those that have not completed the upgrade will Jumpstart on a rolling basis."

So it will happen eventually.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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