Google Ranks Site: Results In Order Of Some Importance

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Matt Cutts of Google posted a video on YouTube named How are site: results ranked? It answers a question many SEOs have wondered about for a while. When you do a command in Google, how does Google decide which pages to rank first? Is there some type of order to the ranking of the site command results in which SEOs can get some insight into the important and weight of those pages?

The answer is yes and no.

Here is the video:

An ongoing WebmasterWorld thread was updated by Tedster, WebmasterWorld's administrator. I was going to spend the time to type up my notes on Matt's video here, but Tedster did a great job with it. He summed up the video for those who can't watch it.

  • "We do use a few different factors."
  • "We do use some version, roughly, of PageRank, but it's not exactly in PageRank order."
  • "We also look a little bit at, for example, maybe, how short the URL is - and those tend to be URLs at the root pages or maybe one directory down."
  • "It's not the case that it's strictly in PageRank order, or anything like that at least the last time I checked."
  • "It's a relatively good proxy of the pages that might be kind of interesting, but I wouldn't treat it as a perfect list."

So it does seem like Google does rank the pages in some type of order of importance. I doubt anyone is surprised by this, but this may be the first confirmation of such.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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