How To Train Your Link Building Team

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A WebmasterWorld thread has nice discussion on the topic of how to train a link building team or link builder. The thread doesn't get good until the content after the 2011, so skip down to that portion.

Professional link builders obviously have different ideas on how to train and sculpt the supreme link builder. So the thread has some of those thoughts in there. Let me pull out a few quotes:

Is it necessary to train the link builders? All you really need to train is the point person, the manager, for the overall strategy. Everyone else below them can use scripted actions, much like Google support employees do.

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Have you read any Good Link Development Blogs/Articles?

Why not hire a person who already have an experienced? It's a time consuming if you will need to train the person instead of looking for more experienced staff.

If it was me and these link builders had no knowledge at all, I'd start with the basic of SEO. Then show examples of why links are important. Train them on good links versus bad links. Then show them some pointers on how to find good links with various tactical tools. Make sure they do it within a system that tracks the links, requests, successes, and so on. Then do weekly reviews of their techniques and keep adding pointers.

I am not a link builder. I never request links. I don't do SEO. But this is how I would approach it.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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