Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update February 8th

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Google Algorithm Update

There are some early signs from both the SEO community and the tracker tools that there is a big Google search ranking algorithm update going on. This has not been confirmed by Google, but that is not uncommon. There is some early chatter from within the community and some, not all, of the tracking tools are showing big changes.

This update may have touched down as early as Sunday night, February 7th and has grown on Monday and Tuesday. Here are some of the comments about what some are seeing in the WebmasterWorld forums:

Starting on Sunday Feb 7 at 11:30AM (Central Standard Time), my organic search visits from Google dropped 30-40%.

My traffic is up by 30% but revenue is down by 40%. Irrelevant traffic

Also, I lost 15% of indexed pages judging by the Coverage section of GSC, despite having introduced a totally new section with new products to my site.

Big drop in traffic on Monday...down 22%, very odd for a Monday!

Bit of a drop here too. Waiting to see if it's the usual drastic ebbs and flows that are normal these days.

Yep, something is definitely up. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig dip here.

A massive overnight drop in USA traffic, down 65% by 8am EST. It's always the USA traffic that drops for my site...UK, EU and everyplace else stays stable. Let's hope that this is temporary...

Here are screen shots from the tools that are showing changes so far, I may update this story to include updates throughout the day. Note, some are showing very big spikes in ranking positions.


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Cognitive SEO:

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Are you noticing any changes to your rankings or Google organic traffic?

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