Google Ads Automatically Changing Some Campaigns Without Documenting In Change History

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Lior Krolewicz spotted that one of his clients had changes in his Google Ads account, changes that the client did not make, nor did his agency. After digging in, it turns out that the client was enrolled in "Auto Applied Recommendations Control Center" and because of that, the changes were being made.

But to make things worse, the no one really knew and the changes were not showing up in the Google Ads change history logs. The Auto Applied Recommendations has its own change log of sorts, not part of the main Google Ads change history log. I do not know why Google would do that - all changes should show in one change history log - otherwise it looks like you are hiding something.

Lior said this beta "seems to give Google permission to automatically make changes to 33 different parts of an account."

Ginny Marvin covered it and said "now is the time to log into the dashboard to check the settings for your accounts. Not all accounts are eligible at this point, however, depending on country and language, past spend, policy compliance, and other factors."

To be fair, this client specifically did opt in to this program, but I guess the client didn't fully know what he was getting himself into. You should check your clients and your own accounts to see if they are in this program, you can login over here to see.

Note: The recommendations that get applied via this Auto Applied Recommendations Control Center beta program do not show up in change history log in Google Ads. To see this, you will need to log into the separate Auto Applied Recommendations Control Center to see whether you're opted in and what changes have been made.

So beware here and check your accounts now.

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