Email Newsletter Update: Google Feedburner Is Out

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Ser Newsletter Update

The email newsletter on this site is changing and for those who has subscribed, please let me know if you see any issues in the next day. Tonight's newsletter is the last one that is going to be sent out using Google's Feedburner and going forward, my team built our own custom email newsletter system.

I exported the email list from Feedburner and transferred it to my own system and starting with tomorrow's newsletter, it will be using an internal system so we are not dependent on a third-party. Google announced it is deprecating the email feature from Feedburner, so I had no choice. But this should give me more flexibility to help those who contact me asking me why they are not getting the emails.

  • Tonight, May 25th after 4pm ET the email will be sent using Google Feedburner
  • Tomorrow, May 26th after 4pm ET the email will be sent using my own system

This is a double opt in list, so when you subscribe, you must confirm you did that action by clicking a link that you will receive from us to verify that you own that email.

The emails should look basically the same, there has not been a real big design change - yet. But the emails are now coming a system custom built in my custom built CMS, delivered through AWS SES.

This is a big change internally but visually you should not notice any changes. Also, there are more design changes to come both to the newsletter and the front end design of this site.

So for now, subscribe using the subscribe box at the top of this page (on mobile) or top right of this page (on desktop) and let me know if you have any issues. Or go to this page to subscribe.

Again, tonight's email will be the last using Feedburner. Do contact me if you see issues either tonight or tomorrow. I tested this a lot but with anything custom, it can have issues.

Don't forget to subscribe - the emails are very light weight and have literally tons of search marketing resources it in on a daily basis. You can see them archived over here if you want to see before you subscribe.


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