Were You "Pandalized"?

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Google Panda AdviceIn the past few weeks, I have started seeing the SEO community start using the term "Pandalized."

Pandalized is the term used for SEOs to say their web sites have been penalized by Google specifically through the Google Panda update.

Personally, I am not sure how I like to use words like this, but it does make for a quicker way to say - "I was penalized by Google after the Google Panda update." Instead you can just say I was "Pandalized."

In fact, there is a domain at pandalized.com. The site has graphs showing some of the sites that were Pandalized. The domain was purchased about a month ago by an unnamed individual.

Our ongoing coverage and stories on the Content Farmer/Panda update:

Have you been Pandalized?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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05/17/2011 02:07 pm

 Funny.. all these updates to Google.. only make sites we work on go up? hmm.. wonder why? Maybe.. because WE DON'T VIOLATE GOOGLE GUIDELINES?  (Barry thinks.. hmm.. maybe Steve is on to something here.. hmm) =)

Courtney Hume

05/17/2011 05:13 pm

This is very creative! I love it! 

Vanessa Fox

05/18/2011 03:58 am

Is the unnamed individual you? ;) 


05/18/2011 08:57 am


Barry Schwartz

05/18/2011 10:10 am

I wish.

kevin piterson

05/18/2011 12:03 pm

I don't Thinks I am Pandalised  bcoz I have unique content.


12/23/2011 05:37 am

very interesting site

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