Confirmed: Google Panda 3.9.1 Update

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Google Panda 3.9.1Over the past few days, even as far back as last Friday, I noticed a lot of chatter on a possible Google update.

So yesterday, after returning from my family vacation, I emailed Google to confirm that an update was indeed happening. Shortly after receiving my email, they replied that they just confirmed it via Twitter.

Google said they rolled out a minor Panda refresh this past Monday on August 20th. This refresh only impacted less than 1% of search queries according to Google.

The previous Panda refresh was a month prior on July 24th.

I did receive emails from a few people who asked me to verify that this was a Panda refresh. Because they saw changes on their Panda penalized (pandalized) sites and wanted to know if they finally broke out of that penalty. Here is a screen shot from one site that recovered with this update:

Analytics of Google Panda Recovery

Here are the past Panda refreshes and updates:

Yes, I am running out of digits. I guess I can always go to

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Neville Pettersson

08/23/2012 02:01 pm

Didn't notice anything major myself, other forums I visit say the same. I think the SEO world is ALL waiting for the next Penguin update and Google know it!

Juliana Hughes

08/23/2012 02:17 pm

My clients are on the clear!! :)


08/23/2012 03:54 pm

Has there been a penguin update since April


08/23/2012 04:52 pm

On WW one guy wrote : " ... has a traffic boost of 300%. Now it gets hundreds of visits from Google ... " The site has hundreds of visits after 300% boost !!! This is how recovery myths are born ) Obviously this site had no traffic before and it has no it now. Hundreds of visits is not a traffic. It's much less than the traffic dust. In fact, this site does not exist with such "traffic" ) Same here. This graph without the exact numbers says nothing. Furthermore, Panda is not a penalty, but the new major part of the algo, related to the site authority. Means recovery by itself is a nonsense. There is nothing to recover. You can acknowledge your authority according to the new criteria. Or not acknowledge ... again and again and again )

Bhupendra shekhawat

08/23/2012 07:38 pm

google panda versions like hollywood movie series...


08/23/2012 07:43 pm

It most certainly is a penalty:

Brennan Lukav

08/24/2012 12:27 am

We are seeing slight jumps through a lot of our clients from around the 20th, but nowhere near back to where it was, I guess any upward movement these days is good though, even with top rankings traffic, doesn't seem to be climbing like it used to.


08/24/2012 01:59 am

You can't make any conclusions, because you have no traffic. You have nothing to observe.

tom br

08/24/2012 02:24 am

what's the point of discussing semantics? none he never said he had a successful site, he just said a 300% boost, and if he had like 100 and went to 400 just after the update it certainly means something happened, regardless of what you think is plenty or few traffic

tom br

08/24/2012 02:27 am

you're wrong, do you know how many pages the site has? few hundred with a dozen pages is the same as a site with several thousands visitors but with hundred thousand pages you make no sense at all


08/24/2012 02:38 am

Yawn, bring the penguin

Jeremy Meindl

08/24/2012 03:34 am

funny how the chicken little "sky is falling" reactions are getting to be less and less

Kevin Sanders

08/24/2012 04:05 am

I think they may have to change this one soon. I noticed some slight changes in traffic and googled some keywords in my niche out of curiosity. In many cases the first two pages were mostly youtube videos.


08/24/2012 05:19 am

@Anti-SEO I am the owner of this site and 100% agree with what you've wrote - 1. 'hundreds of visits' is not a real traffic. 2. Panda is related to the site authority. 3. During updates, we sometimes notice significant traffic changes (boost or tank). These changes aren't a "recovery" nor a "penalty". The particular site is neglected (literally) for a long time. It might be that some changes in search queries affected the site ranking. I don't think the status of the site will change until I have some valuable info to add to it. BTW: It contain less than 100 pages. Most of them get 0 visits. All in all, Panda forms a barrier between authority/brands sites and small/mid sites. It's a different game play - Market penetration is a tough challenge now.

Deepak Chourasia

08/24/2012 06:23 am

Panda 3.9.1 updated affected 1% or less than 1% of search queries. And its already bring the pengiun.

Website Developers India

08/24/2012 09:35 am

This update was pretty good...


08/24/2012 10:28 am

I feel, that many guys on WW share your logic and make observations based on single-page sites with single visitor )


08/24/2012 10:33 am

Because semantic like this : " Here is a screen shot from one site that recovered with this update " leads to the later statements like this : "There are Panda recovery reports." And then to the statements like this : "Pay me and I will recover your site." I call it fraud. How do you call it ?


08/24/2012 10:36 am


tom br

08/24/2012 01:43 pm

I call it caveat emptor and Darwin

tom br

08/24/2012 01:54 pm

the point is: one day before update site had like 100 visitors one day after update site has 400 visitors does this mean something happened or not? this is all i'm interested.

Effective Site

08/24/2012 02:03 pm

I noticed a couple little changes on some sites but Mozcast shows a calm overcast day. It seems like these panda updates are having less influence then nameless algo tweaks these days.


08/24/2012 02:25 pm

It means quantity of the visitors changed, but there are still not enough data to make any serious observations. Continue to work.

Noticias de Hoy

08/24/2012 05:36 pm

Any Idea what exactly in sense of content is this update affecting?


08/24/2012 06:26 pm

You could continue the numbering, with this update being 3.9.10


08/24/2012 06:27 pm

sorry, 3.10

Gregory Lancaster

08/25/2012 05:10 am

i have no idea how any seo company is still in business these days. there is no seo, only marketing your business properly


08/25/2012 05:41 am

There is drop in traffic after the current update. Not working anything


08/25/2012 05:42 am

man the seo stuff is just not working here. traffic down


08/25/2012 10:43 am

My site which was down in Panda update in April, got the rankings back after this 3.9.1 update. Looking forward to more improvements in next update too.

Webstats Art

08/25/2012 02:46 pm

Hi Jared. This is true and google has become less valuable to them. What is more valuable is direct contact with clients. Google is a pesky middle man who scrapes and ranks people's livelihood like a jackpot machine.


08/26/2012 05:05 am

Starting on the 21st Googlebot almost stopped crawling my home page which updates around 300 times a day (~300 posts/day). Before it crawled it as a new post was posted. Is it caused by this update? My google traffic is down by 25% :(


08/26/2012 07:45 pm

I am seeing some strange things by some of my clients competitors after this update. Some sites are ranking number 1 for a specific keyword, they came from pos. 20 to 1. They did not do any link building recently, and they only have some backlinks (branded) But they all seem to have the specific keyword in their domain

Rudy Trivers

08/27/2012 06:18 am

Where can we know the actual update of panda of this version,so that we can take necessary steps to avoid penalization

Sunayna Gupta

08/27/2012 06:27 am

Google's Panda 3.9 update was already expected so there is no panic, good thing is it is affecting only 1% of the search queries..


09/03/2012 10:09 am

Don't forget to link that 3.9.1 to this article. :D

09/11/2012 01:45 am

I think it is a small change because I did not feel any different on my site


09/12/2012 05:15 am

i do not aware about panda 9.3.1 update plz share about new updated on my email id

SK Naidu

09/13/2012 06:57 pm

how many directories and social bookmarking and articles and blog should be submitted in a DAy


09/17/2012 08:37 pm

Panda 3.9.1 updated affected 1% or less than 1% of search queries.

09/19/2012 06:49 pm

So is it going to be Panda 3.92 or Panda 4 today ?

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